Jimmy Kimmel “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Preview!

If you can’t wait until Wednesday to see the stars of Twilight, Good Morning America has a special preview of Jimmy Kimmel’s Live Total Eclipse of the Heart.

‘Twilight Saga Eclipse’ Director David Slade talks: Meadow Scene and Xavier Samuel

David Slade, director of the Twilight Eclipse’ was in Burbank at an autograph signing talking to fans and signing books. Giving the skinny on the movie, the director talked candidly about the vision of the movie and the different scenes.

According to Slade the first scenes that were rehearsed and filmed were the meadow scenes. These definitely are one of the two times where the characters are very emotional and have brought together a focus for the audience. Giving away a few clues, there isn’t any doubt that Slade really focused on making this film the best it could be in the short time he had for the book installment.

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He also places a well deserved compliment into the video that really sets the tone for a new star to be born.

Xavier Samuel will be a huge star’ says David Slade in response to the compliments about the newborn vampires. The demeanor in which he states this is such an attribute to the star who has three co-stars that are probably the biggest names on the planet.

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‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ stars at MuchMusic Awards

Last night’s MuchMusic Awards in Canada were attended by not one, not two, not three, but four The Twilight Saga: Eclipse stars, and Access Hollywood got the chance to speak to each of them!

On the carpet were Ashley Greene (“Alice Cullen”), Jackson Rathbone (“Jasper Hale”), Kellan Lutz (“Emmett Cullen”), and Xavier Samuel (“Riley Biers”).

Lutz remarked that the event made him excited for this week’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles, saying that “the fans are so amazing.”

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I can’t wait to see ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ just by seeing that preview. Having most of the cast in one place must of been amazing for the fans who had a chance to be there! I still haven’t seen anything, so I’m anxiously waiting for this. 😀

Will you be watching Jimmy Kimmel this Wednesday? Just one day before the big premiere!

What do you think of David’s short interviews? Did any of you attend the event?

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