Stephenie Meyer talks Edward Cullen making Bella wait for “happy time” and Does she think Eclipse sends a good message?  Stephenie Meyer conjured up the morally ethical vampire, Edward Cullen. So who better to ask why? Why is he so good at keeping Bella’s virtue intact? Why is it so important – really?

Q: I’m curious about Eclipse because at the point where…I love Eclipse because Edward becomes a lot more flirtatious, and you get to kinda see that.

SM: They have some moments, which are hard to do with fiction because everybody wants constant pacing. I tend to slow down. A lot of what my editors did was cut. Because I just wanna sit and “Let’s have a nice moment. Let’s have a happy time.”

Q: One of the most “nice moments” is when they’re in Edward’s room in bed, and he proposes, okay? There are lots of people that have asked questions, I’ve probably had 10 or 20 just within that one scene. But the one I want the answer to the most is: Edward at one point, he kind-of caves. Just a smidge. When he says “no, no, stop, we’re not doing this until we are married” — is it more out of a moral issue, or is it more out of “I want to make sure you keep up your end of the deal”?

SM: They’re equal parts. There are a couple of things. One is, Edward was born in 1901. And in his mind — he understands the world more clearly than we do. He hears everybody’s thoughts. But to him, this is kind of a…for him it’s a very disrespectful… And he can’t get away from the taboos of his youth. It would be wrong to take advantage of her, in his mind. And obviously, she has a completely different viewpoint. Her viewpoint of it is very modern. She knows that she is with him forever, and she doesn’t see his point. But he just comes from a different place. And I really like, every place I could put in, that would really date him. Because I like when he is…..109. Stephenie Meyer discusses why Edward Cullen wants to make Bella wait until marriage by twifans

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Taylor Lautner of ‘Twilight’ fame — images made of 500 pieces of candy The star of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Taylor Lautner, along with TV star and designer Kim Kardashian have been turned into candy — their images, that is. According to a new report, both celebrities’ images have been created by an artist who used licorice to achieve the look. Is the an example of having reached a new level of fame?

As E! Online, the candy images are part of a new art program called We Like to Watch TV — an art program in San Francisco, California. Jason Mercier is the artist, along with partner Adam J. Ansell to come up with the idea and make it into a reality.

Vampires Suck vs. Twilight Saga New spoof movie Vampires Suck, from “the guys who couldn’t sit through another vampire movie” (aka the guys behind Disaster Movie and Epic Movie), looks set to either entertain or infuriate fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, as it attempts to poke fun at the movie phenomenon. For the Twihaters, aka disgruntled boyfriends and husbands, it may be an even better offering than David Slade’s addition for Eclipse.

We take a closer look at some of the scenes Vampires Suck parodies in its official trailer, which includes the all-important paper-cut scene from New Moon. Remember, Twilighters: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. No, really.

The Vampires Suck trailer starts as any Twilight Saga trailer should: with a sweeping view of what is supposed to be an aerial look at Forks, Washington. Even the score soundtrack is an exact homage to that found in Twilight — these producers sure know what they’re doing!

Oh, look! It’s the Twilight font, in all its silver shimmery goodness. Twilighters would recognize this writing anywhere — after all, it’s almost as iconic as the book cover. Add to that a dark, brooding black background, and you get the vampire picture.

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I’m really liking all of the interviews of the fan press junket that Stephenie had. We’ve been hearing so many great things 😉 What have you thought of them so far?

What did you think of the licorice Taylor?

What have you thought so far about the new Twilight spoof Vampires Suck? Would you be seeing it, just for fun?