www.mtv.comMTV: It’s no secret that you entered the franchise under less-than-ideal circumstances. What kinds of things did the other actors say and do in those early days?

Bryce Dallas Howard: What’s so great about that group of people is that they feel so genuinely blessed by this experience. Just by the response of the fans. But they’ve remained so grounded, and their friendships are genuine. I just felt really, really fortunate to get to meet all these wonderful people.

MTV: Kristen Stewart recently told us that you were “such a good actress” during the “Eclipse” shoot that “it was easy to be scared” of you. What were your thoughts working with her while she continued to develop such an iconic role?

Howard: Kristen is fantastic and so, so passionate about this role and this character. First, as a fan of the books, it was such a relief to go onto set and see how seriously everyone was taking it. And, yeah, Kristen was incredible to work with, incredible.

MTV: You were a “Twilight” fan before you even got the role. In your opinion, which of Stephenie Meyer’s books is the best?

Howard: I love these books, and “Eclipse” for me is [the best one]; I’m partial to “Eclipse.” And that was true even before “Twilight” came out.

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TWILIGHT STARS IN SEPERATE DEVELOPMENTS TAYLOR Lautner is in talks to star in a new film as fellow Twilight star Kristen Stewart says she had to become left-handed for her latest movie role.

Lautner is reportedly in talks to appear in a remake of Vision Quest.

E! News claims that the Twilight vampire could take on the lead role in the romance, originally released in 1985.

The film, which is still in development, shares its producers with the Twilight movies.

“Taylor saw (the script) and is really excited about it,” a source said. “It’s very much in line with his athleticism. His character is someone who’s striving for greatness.”

Warner Bros, who own the rights to the film, confirmed that a remake is in development.

Stewart, 19, who plays US female rocker Joan Jett in the biopic The Runaways, spent time with the iconic rocker to study her mannerisms, Teen Hollywood reports. 

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