Bella and Edward cottage set for ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ spotted

via The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn‘s production move to Vancouver, British Columbia is literally just starting to get underway, with certain castmembers trekking up to begin filming their portions, and already the northern set is becoming a focal point for Twilight fans.

The castmembers who are known to be in Vancouver so far are Mackenzie Foy (who was spotted at the airport moments ago), Myanna Buring (“Tanya,” who has tweeted about her arrival), and Mia Maestro (“Carmen,” also announced on Twitter). It is speculated that the Denali Coven castmates are first up on the roster for filming in Vancouver.

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Swan House Images: Decked Out for Christmas This Monday, which also happens to be President’s Day, production of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will begin in Vancouver where the majority of each previous Twilight film was shot. Given the time of year the weather won’t be pretty.

One of the most famous filming locations is the Swan house where Kristen Stewart as Bella has been known to lay around and dream about her undead boyfriend, Robert Pattinson i.e Edward Cullen. The actual house set is located at 28 Avenue & 188 Street in South Surrey and has undergone some aesthetic changes for the two-part finale.

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Billy Burke talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ at LA Poker Tour

Billy Burk aka Charlie Swan, one of our favorite Twilight dad, took some time to talk Breaking Dawn and who would he like to play poker with.


Ashley Greene: Pure Birthday Party! Ashley Greene shows off her candy-inspired cake as she celebrates with boyfriend Joe Jonas at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night (February 19).

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When I read the part about the cottage in the Breaking Dawn book I just couldn’t picture the outside for some reason. I still remember the description of the inside and even the rooms and closet 😉 but with this new image I can get a better idea of how it will look. Charlie’s house looks the same, they always get it right. I’m so eager to see picture of Renesmee and vamp Bella! i have hope that we might see something soon at Comic Con or MTV awards.

What do you think of the new cottage and Swan house? Is the cottage how you pictured it?

What did you think of Billy’s little interview?

What did you think of Ashley’s birthday party? That cake looks amazing, makes you want to slice a big piece 😀 Happy Birthday Ashley!

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