New ‘Twilight’ Doll: Jasper Joins The Family At Toy Fair 2011 Have you always wanted a tiny Cullen family member of your own to keep in your purse, display on your nightstand or keep you company in the bath? …Um, no, of course not! Us neither! (And if we dash off in the middle of this conversation, it’s definitely not because we’re going to hide that Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle diorama behind our shampoo.)

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Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon Talk Their ‘Water for Elephants’ Forbidden Romance In ‘Water for Elephants,’ Reese plays the married star performer in a circus who catches the attention of a bachelor animal caretaker, played by ‘Twilight’ star Rob. When ET visited the Los Angeles set during production on the film last summer, Reese rode atop an enormous elephant for a scene involving an elaborate 1930s parade.

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Taylor Lautner And Michael Bay Join Up; Script Auction Underway For Their Project Back on January 11th, I reported that three top producers including Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes were circling Taylor Lautner to star in their movies for 2012 and beyond. Now Bay’s aggressive courting of tay-tay has paid off, and last night the two filmmakers sent out a script for auction to all the major studios. I’ve learned that already this morning studios have begun bidding on a Bay-Lautner project.

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Kellan Lutz continues to support Calvin Klein at Fashion Week On Sunday, Kellan Lutz hit up the fall 2011 Men’s Collection show for Calvin Klein during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City alongside Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s Jack Huston (“Royce King”).

As you probably remember, Kellan Lutz was the star of Calvin Klein’s latest underwear line advertisement campaign. So there is certainly a relationship in place between Lutz and Calvin Klein, who reportedly provided Lutz with front row seats for the event.

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Kristen Stewart Inspires New York Fashion Week Designs The “Twilight” trend isn’t dying yet, as designers channeled the most famous vampire tale of all time in their Fall 2011 styles at New York Fashion Week. Kristen Stewart’s crimson rocker appeal is behind what’s ruled the runways — check out why designers are so Twi-spired.

Rachel Watkins at Gather points out that Kristen Stewart’s “Twilight” character, Bella Swan, is hardly known for fashion herself…but she does know something about stirring emotion and the darkness and light of the female psyche.

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It’s nice to see more of those new dolls, I still think their faces look a little weird. I like Jasper’s hair, the doll looks great. But, like one the staff members said, I would ‘ve liked to see Alice’s hair more spiky. I liked better the first doll for Twilight with the black and gray dress. What do you think of this new video?

What did you think of this new Water for Elephants video? I still remember Rob from Vanity Fair, it was quite fun to hear that he would be playing his onscreen mother’s love interest. Weird or not? ;D

What do you think about Kristen being inspiration for some designers? Do you like the way she dresses for events and when she’s out just having fun? I have to say I like some of her shoes 😉

What did you think of today’s twilight news? Anything that caught your attention? Join us in the forum for discussions!