Bella and Edward’s Honeymoon Destination Revealed In honor of Valentine’s Day, Summit has released a shot of Isle Esme from the upcoming film Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

The film franchise’s official Twitter account tweeted a photo of the tropical island Bella and Edward visit for their honeymoon along with the message, “Happy Valentine’s Day from Isle Esme!” on Monday.
‘Twilight’ action figures at Toy Fair 2011 Toys, toys, toys everywhere! This year’s Toy Fair kicked off yesterday, introducing a gaggle of action figures built around new movie franchises, upcoming videogames, and attractive vampire teenagers. Tons of photos from the event have shown up online, but I’d like to direct your attention to freakishly real-looking toys in particular. The “Jasper” figure from Twilight perfectly captures Jackson Rathbone’s elfen cheekbones — parents of 9-year-old girls, I present you with the only birthday present your daughter will really want this year.

Twilight coloring pages older kids love Have elementary school age little brothers and sisters working on Valentines Day coloring pages and not exactly sure how to entertain or involve middle school or high school age big brother and big sisters? Parent and grandparents looking for Valentines Day activities for older kids have no fear! Twilight movie theme arts and crafts that focus on kids just old enough to start thinking about love when it comes to teen age romance are just the right Valentine’s Day activity.

Mahalo offers a great selection of Twilight movie series theme arts and crafts ideas — and Valentines Day Coloring pages for Gen Me kids.

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Muse Bring The Rock To Grammy Stage With ‘Uprising’ Cue this year’s Best Rock Album winners Muse, who, as the evening’s first males to perform on the stage, kicked in to their radio rotation-heavy anthem, “Uprising.”

Standing atop television screens elevated above the stage, Matthew Bellamy — donning a sparkly white suit and playing a double-neck guitar — and his fellow bandmembers sounded just as good live as they do on their now Grammy-winning album The Resistance.

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Bands also attending the event that have been part of the Twilight Soundtracks were Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine, Cee lo Greene and Vampire Weekend.

So, it looks like Summit likes showing the fans new Breaking Dawn stills whenever there’s a holiday, I wonder if we’ll get to see one on St. Patrick’s Day ;D maybe it’ll be Bella and Edward on the wedding day, maybe even more vampires 😀 Isle Esme looks really great and romantic, from what we’ve seen so far. Makes me wish I could be there for a nice vacation. What did you think of this new still? What would you like to see next?

All the twilight dolls that we’ve seen so far look amazing because of the details and how cute some look. This new Alice and Jasper ones look good, but I’m not too fond of their faces. Love, Alice’s clothes thought. What did you think of these new dolls? Which has been your favorite so far?

What did you think of the coloring twilight pages?

Did you watch the Grammys last night? What did you think of Muse, Florence + The Machine and Cee lo’s performance?

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