‘Vampires Suck’ Stars Tell ‘Twilight’ Stars to Feel Flattered The Twilight Saga spoof Vampires Suck may sound like it’s going to make a mockery of the Twilight cast, but the “Becca” of the film, Jenn Proske, says they really should feel flattered.

Jenn graduated from Boston University last year, moved to Hollywood and has now landed the role of Becca Crane in Vampires Suck.

But just because she’s starring in a film that pokes fun at The Twilight Saga films, doesn’t means she not a fan of them!

“I had seen both the movies before I got cast. I was a fan of the books and the movies,” Jenn told Fox 411. “I think Twilight is great. It’s such an amazing thing that everyone has created. Vampires are something exciting and sexy and fun to a lot of people, [including me.]”

“I had to watch the original Twilight just to get the overall story and to understand everyone and all the characters so I’ve watched Twilight and New Moon hundreds of times,” Jenn added on how she prepared for her role. “I’m a huge fan of the movies so I had a great time watching them over and over again.”


An interview with a vampire Peter Facinelli had never heard of the “Twilight” books when his agent asked him to audition for a vampire movie.

“I said no. I was thinking it was some B or C slasher, horror kind of picture,” said Facinelli, whose agent quickly sent him a copy of Stephenie Meyer’s popular first novel.

“I couldn’t put it down,” said Facinelli, who read it in one night. “It was kind of a throwback to the origins of what vampire folklore was, the sensuousness and the love story that it used to be.

“It wasn’t a schlocky horror movie.”


1. Blood type? A-negative

2. Favorite “Twilight” film so far? “Eclipse.” I just like the action of “Eclipse.” It felt like “Twilight” introduced us to the vampires, and “New Moon” introduced us to the werewolves. In “Eclipse,” both clans are teaming up. “Eclipse” kind of brought all the worlds together. Plus, Carlisle rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty was fun for me.

3. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Edward

4. Favorite junk food? Pizza

5. Bad habit? Biting nails


Invisalign Teen and Twilight Actor to Raise Money for America’s Toothfairy Campaign at the TEEN CHOICE Awards Invisalign Teen® has teamed up with actor Booboo Stewart, from the film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and his sister, singer/actress Fivel Stewart, to raise money for the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation’s America’s Toothfairy® program.

The Stewarts will be on the red carpet with the Invisalign Teen Smile Cam at the TEEN CHOICE awards interviewing nominees and attendees. For every TEEN CHOICE smile captured on camera, Align Technology Inc, San Jose, Calif, will donate $1,000 to America’s Toothfairy. The company hopes to raise $50,000 in treatment and funding.


‘90210’s’ Matt Lanter spoofs ‘Twilight’ films in ‘Vampires Suck’ “90210” fans can catch Matt Lanter on the big screen when his “Twilight” spoof film, “Vampires Suck,” premieres in U.S. theaters on August 18.

Lanter, who plays Liam Court on the CW’s “90210,” will star as Edward in the vampire-movie spoof.  Although his character pokes fun of Edward Cullen, the romantic-lead-vampire in the “Twilight” films, Lanter said he has a lot of respect for actor Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward Cullen in the movies), but has not yet met him.

“He seems like a great guy, though. He really does. Honestly, I’m a fan. He does a great job in the ‘Twilight’ series,” Lanter told

Lanter said he read the first book, Twilight, in the Stephenie Meyers series (which also consists of New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn) so that he could research his character.


I like those interviews where they ask the actors other questions than, what was your favorite scene? or things like that. We get to know little funny things sometimes 😉 like Peter’s habit for biting his nails. What did you think of the interview?

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