Kristen Stewart’s “The Yellow Handkerchief” Now On DVD

Fans of Kristen Stewart can now rent or buy the DVD of “The Yellow Handkerchief” (rated PG-13).  Filmed back in 2008, the film had a limited theatrical release earlier this year and is now available to the general public.

Plot summary from IMDb:

One lazy afternoon in a backwater Louisiana town, Martine takes a leap into an unfamiliar convertible. The driver, Gordy, an awkward young itinerant who eyed her in the diner earlier, isn’t displeased to find this pretty sylph in his front seat. Soon they meet Brett, a laconic, humble man just released from prison. Martine isn’t keen on going solo with Gordy, and now it’s raining cats and dogs, so she invites Brett along, and the unlikely trio sets out, each person unsure of the destination. What ensues is a journey through the lush green byways of rural Louisiana and into the depths of these characters’ souls.

Robert Pattinson To Appear On “Entourage”?

In the never-ending world of Internet rumors surrounding Robert Pattinson, the latest is that he will make a cameo appearance in the season finale of HBO’s “Entourage”. has debunked this rumor, stating:

Robert Pattinson has NOT filmed a cameo for “Entourage.”

A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop exclusively that it’s “not true.”

In addition, a production source tells us “he’s not” on the show, and had “no clue” as to how the rumor started.

Kellan Lutz Responds To Animal Cruelty Video

Kellan Lutz took to his Twitter account to denounce the cruelty seen in a 43-second video posted to YouTube of a teenage girl in Bosnia who threw a six puppies into a river.  He wrote:

What is going on with the search for the girl throwing the puppies into the river. I’ve never been so disgusted before. That video is so incredibly disturbing and plain out wrong. Heard Michael Bay put up a bounty for her or info leading to her arrest. Thank you for that, and everyone who is not standing for this. That cruelty and any cruelty to animals helpless or not is unacceptable. I can’t get the crying puppies out of my head.

Forks To Celebrate Stephenie Meyer Day This Weekend

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, head to Forks to celebrate Stephenie Meyer Day.  The weekend-long event will have many events for tourists and Twilight fans to enjoy.  The Peninsula Daily News reports that:

Most Stephenie Meyer Day events this weekend will take place at Tillicum Park, where about a dozen vendors will sell memorabilia.

Despite the name of the event, Meyer will not be there.

The revelry will begin Friday at 9 p.m. with Bella’s Ball at the Twilight Lounge, 81 N. Forks Ave.

Other events will include the Bella Loves Books Book Sale, tours of the remaining portions of Forks High School, now under reconstruction, music in the park and a birthday cake for Bella, the heroine of the Twilight saga.

Events will wrap up Sunday with a 2:30 p.m. drawing for a replica of Bella’s 1963 pickup truck.

The pickup was donated by Elwha River Casino of Port Angeles.

Those entering must be 18 years old or older. To enter the drawing, visit to join the casino’s Paddle Rewards Club, which automatically enters to win.

Just after the drawing, the Twilight Trivia Contest at 3 p.m. will end the weekend’s events.

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Well, I’ve added “The Yellow Handkerchief” to my Netflix queue.  It looks interesting and I like seeing the Twilight actors in other films to see what they’re capable of doing.  Will you be buying or renting the DVD?

It’s funny to see the rumors that swirl around the Twilight stars.  Aside from this one, I found the one where Rob demanded being on set for any of Kristen’s sex scenes in “On the Road” because he didn’t trust her or her co-star.  Geeeeshhhh!

Kudos to Kellan for responding and drawing attention to the charities that fight animal cruelty.  I love how he uses his Twitter account to promote organizations and people in need, as opposed to self-promotion.  Due to the graphic and disturbing nature of the video of the puppies being thrown into the river, no links to it are being posted here. If you can imagine someone throwing puppies whose eyes are barely opened into a raging river with a maniacal grin on their face while recording it, you don’t need the raw video footage. Personally, I don’t feel that the person who did it deserves any more attention than she’s already received.  The attention should go to the ASPCA and other organizations who combat cruelty to animals.

Is anyone going to Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks?  If so, we would love for you to write about your experience.  Contact a member of the staff to find out how!

What do you think of today’s Twilight news?  Join us in the forum to share your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you!