Outtakes of Peter Facinelli’s FHM Magazine Shoot

Peter Facinelli was featured in a Carlisle Cullen-inspired baseball shoot for FHM Magazine’s August edition.  Giuliano Bekor, the photographer who shot the pics, recently posted unedited images from the shoot on his blog.  Take a look here for more images. 

Photo by Giuliano Bekor

 Casting Begins for Renesmee Cullen

Several sites are now reporting that casting for the role of Renesmee Cullen has begun.  They have listed the following parameters for anyone seeking to land the role of Edward and Bella’s half-human/half-vampire child:  

They are looking for a 4 year old caucasian girl who has some acting experience and is confident on a film set environment. This girl should have self-composure, good physical posture, and be very attentive, able to take direction well, and be quick to react. They also would prefer a girl with dance training. 

Additional details and contact information for the casting agent can be found here. 

Stephenie Meyer Signed Books Up For Auction

Stephenie Meyer took part in an auction event called Save the Book Babe to benefit a friend in the children and YA book world.  The organizers of the event had a few items left over, including some of the books signed and donated by Stephenie, and they are auctioning them on eBay with the proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  If you would like to bid on either of the books, click on the links below.  

Click here to bid on Twilight 

Click here to bid on Eclipse 


Bronson Pelletier Talks “Breaking Dawn”

While at an Operation Smile event, Bronson Pelletier recently confirmed that he will return to the wolf pack in “Breaking Dawn”. He talks about filming in Louisiana and Vancouver and confesses his celebrity crush on Natalie Portman. He also states that he has not received a copy of the script yet.


I love, love, love the pics of Peter Facinelli!  I might just have to save them to my computer to bring a smile to my face on a crappy day.  I especially love the one of him swinging the bat.  *swoon!*

Do you know of anyone who plans to have their child audition for Renesmee?  I’m glad to hear that they are looking for a human and that she won’t be all CGI. 

Anyone planning to bid on the signed books?  I’d love to take a shot, but I’m still reeling from back-to-school expenses for my kids along with some early Christmas shopping.

What do you think of today’s Twilight news?  Join us in the forum and share your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you!