Nikki Reed Interview – “Last Day of Summer”

Nikki Reed recently spoke with about her upcoming film, “Last Day of Summer”.  She co-stars with her friend D.J. Qualls in the film about a young woman kidnapped by a disgruntled fast food worker, played by Qualls.  She talks about her friendship with Qualls, the film, and the possibility of working with Catherine Hardwicke again.

Why not reunite with Catherine Hardwicke again? Between Thirteen and Twilight I’d imagine you two would make a great pairing again.

Reed: Yeah! Absolutely. I’m sure at one point or another. The wonderful thing about Catherine and I is that there’s a genuine mutual respect and now I’m not the only one because the world has seen her work. I truly believe in her and I think she’s just so gifted and so talented and I guess I can confidently say now that she thinks the same of me because she keeps putting me in her movies and there’s no reason for that other than she thinks I’m talented and that’s really flattering. We don’t really hang out in our personal lives. In fact, I’ve spoken to her once in the last year and a half via e-mail; she’s doing a movie somewhere and I’m proud of her and happy for her, but we have a really great working relationship and so I’m positive that at some point or another I will be working with Catherine again.

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Florence + The Machine “Heavy In Your Arms” Music Video

British artist Florence + The Machine recently released the music video for their “Eclipse” soundrack contribution, “Heavy In Your Arms.”  Check it out below:

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I love the simplicity of the Florence + The Machine video.  Did you catch her on the VMAs the other night?  IMHO, she was the best live performance of the night.  Loved it!!

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