Teacher Uses “Twilight” To Enhance Biology Course

from: The Gainesville Times

When Bauck was deciding how to teach human biology, a course she’ll teach for the first time this fall, she wanted to find a way to interest the nonbiology majors.

“If you can engage students in the process a little bit and get them excited and keep the interest going, you have a better chance of delivering the material,” she said. “This is a challenging course with a lot of detailed and difficult content, and I want to engage them instead of droning on about the anatomy of the cell.”

“There is an actual biochemical basis to legends of vampires, which have been associated with a genetic mutation thought to have originated in Eastern Europe in the late 1700s,” Bauck included on her syllabus. “This inherited disorder — porphyria — resulted in an abnormal heme molecule, with symptoms of pale skin, extremely sensitivity to sunlight and brain disorders including odd behavior. Further, individuals affected by porphyria often drank animal blood, as it was thought to alleviate the symptoms.”

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“The Bad Mother’s Handbook” Now on DVD

US Fans of Robert Pattinson as the nerdy-yet-lovable Daniel Gale in the British series “The Bad Mother’s Handbook” can now watch it on DVD.  Purchase a copy at Amazon for $19.99 or rent it there for just $3.99. 


Atmosphere of “Twilight” Echoed In Jewelry


The signs and symbols of Twilight are strong reminders of the narrative’s power. Bella’s moonstone ring echoes the timeless “life” of the vampire and her engagement ring is reminiscent of the sparkling skin of Edward in the sunshine. Wolf rings evoke the strength and speed of Jacob and the other werewolves.

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Bid To Win “Twilight” Cast Signed Baseballs

Fans can bid to win a baseball signed by Jackson Rathbone , Ashley Greene, or Kellan Lutz as part of a fundraiser to benefit the Little League Urban Initiative.  Bidding ends on August 29th.  In addition to the “Twilight” cast members, there are balls for many other sports figures.  Check them out here


Peter Facinelli To Appear At Mall In Sandusky, Ohio

from: The Morning Journal

Actor Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the “Twilight” series, will meet fans at the Sandusky Mall from 3 to 8 p.m. Friday. Photos and autographs will be available for $25 and $40, with proceeds going to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity that seeks a cure for childhood cancer. The mall is at 4314 Milan Road, Perkins Township.


I love that teachers are getting more creative with their lessons and that they are willing to incorporate items from pop culture, such as “Twilight” into the curricululm.  “Traditional” lectures certainly do not hold a student’s attention and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that application of the subject matter helps a student retain the knowledge.  I think that tying biology lessons to elements from “Twilight” could certainly increase the amount of material learned and retained in that class.  If not, it would at the very least be more enjoyable to sit through than a traditional lecture.

Have you seen “The Bad Mother’s Handbook”?  I’d like to check out the DVD so that I can see it in a version other than the grainy, small-screened one on YouTube.

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