David Slade Thanks “Eclipse” Fans

In a note posted on the official Twilight Saga Facebook page, “Eclipse” director David Slade thanks fans of the film.

When you put your heart and soul into something as intense as the duration of a film production, you become completely lost in it. You focus on doing your very best to get it right each day and you work on this for so long that you assume an ownership of it.

When shooting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, I always felt an awareness of how many people this film would reach and as a result, knew that this film did not just belong to myself, the producers and the studio, but more so, to all of you, the fans of The Twilight Saga.

At the end of the day, after all the hard work is done, all that’s left is the film itself, and your overwhelmingly positive and supportive responses have made me feel like we must have done something right. As a filmmaker, this is a rare and strange feeling of connection with an audience of which I will never forget and I thank you all for it.


JULY 2010

Twilight Cast Members Pick Favorite Vampire Stories


e ‘Twilight Saga Eclipse’ cast have been answering lots of questions, but a new video released to the media only hours ago gets personal, fang wise. The cast was asked to pick their favorite vampires and werewolves of the movies past. The answers might surprise any Twilight fan as it wasn’t just about the films of yesterdays but also one selection that could be seen today and technically isn’t a movie (it is a series).

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MTV: Taylor Lautner Talks “Breaking Dawn”

In a recent interview with MTV, Taylor Lautner talks about “Breaking Dawn”, saying that he’s glad that the book will be split into two films.  He also talks about the imprint with Renesmee and working with director Bill Condon.

Lautner on the two-film split:

“I definitely think it was the right thing to do, for the movie and for the book. It’s hard enough to condense 500 pages into a script, but to condense 800 and everything that’s going on in Breaking Dawn, it would have been impossible.”

Star Salaries: Twilight vs. Spider-Man


The fourth installments of Summit Entertainment’s Twilight saga and Sony’s Spider-Man franchise have negotiated vastly different salaries for their principal players.

The newly-announced webslinger, Andrew Garfield, is banking just $500,000 for the first film in the rebooted series, according to Deadline. The Marc Webb-directed restart is intended to scale the series back from Spider-Man 3’s massive $250+ million price tag to a mere $80 million budget for the 3D 2012 release, starting with the lead it seems.

Garfield’s contract includes a deal for the first film with options for two additional Spider-Man movies, when he’ll see his pay increase to $1 million and $2 million for the second and third respectively.

NY Magazine’s Vulture is reporting Stewart, Pattinson, and Lautner will make $25 million base salary against 7.5% of the theatrical gross, or $12.5 million a movie plus their cut. That means once the revenue for parts four and five is split among the investors, exhibitors, and the studio, the trio of rising stars will easily take $40 million each. That is, if the two Dawn movies are as successful as the one New Moon — clearly a conservative estimate.

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Relationship Expert On the Twilight Love Triangle


“Twilight’s” Bella Swan may be juggling vampire and werewolf love, but she’s actually facing some very human relationship issues.

What to do when you’re at the apex of a love triangle? Can you smooth over jealousies and keep everyone civil?

We took our questions to one of the nation’s best, Carolyn Hax, whose advice column is syndicated by the Washington Post and runs in this paper.

Q: In “Eclipse” Bella loves her best friend, Jacob, like a brother, but he’s looking for romance. Is it naive to try to keep a friend just a friend, even if the love is lopsided?

A: It’s not completely naive, because sometimes one friend gets over the romantic feelings, or the other friend develops them. There has to be a Plan B, though.

If nothing changes, then remaining close can encourage false hopes, which would be selfish on Bella’s part; it’s not uncommon for people in her position to hang on to love-struck friends because they enjoy the attention and the security these friends offer. A true best friend will understand Jacob is pining, and vulnerable, and will make his feelings a priority.

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Seattle PI Interview: Robert Pattinson


For the third installment of my four interviews with the cast and filmmakers of Eclipse, the third movie in The Twilight Saga, I sat down with Robert Pattinson to discuss his role as Bella’s jealous vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, and the future of the franchise. He’s always been a spacey interview, prone to very un-Hollywood answers, and he didn’t disappoint.

CH: Edward is considered a romantic hero, but he’s also very possessive. Not exactly a positive trait. Three movies out of five into the series, how do you feel about that, and has Edward changed much since Eclipse?

RP: Yeah, I mean in the first two movies, earlier on in the story, were just caused by his desolation from reality. So when he finds one thing to hold on to, that’s where the possessiveness comes from. I think as the series goes on, he accepts more and more that he’s part of the contemporary world. I think all the things that were deemed to be flawed before start fading away. I mean, that’s how I’m trying to play him. I think he’s coming out of his shell a little bit in Eclipse, so hopefully by the end of Breaking Dawn, I’m hoping he’ll be basically a normal 17-year-old guy. Just a little bit pale.

CH: Did you enjoy working with director David Slade (30 Days of Night) on Eclipse? The series has taken on a new director with each movie, so do you have to explain to each a bit about who your character is?

RP: It’s interesting. After doing Twilight, the first one, everyone had very specific ideas. Everyone was butting heads the entire time, and you can kind of feel it in the movie. It’s a different energy where everyone’s like, “No, this is what it’s about.” Then, when Chris Weitz came in for New Moon, he basically came in with the opinion that he liked the first one, he liked what the actors were doing, so just follow along that road.

Then when David came in he was like, “I want to do everything completely different, not do it like the first two.” So we talked about the character development and consistency from the two, and he was like, “It doesn’t matter. Let’s just do something completely different,” which is good because then it’s challenging. It’s easy to get stagnant if you play the same character and luckily I’ve kind of felt, I don’t know … I guess in New Moon I felt like I was developing something a little bit deeper. And then with Eclipse I felt like I was doing a completely different movie, and a completely different character in a lot of ways. So, yeah, it was nice and challenging.

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I love how David Slade felt about the film belonging to the fans as well as the professionals involved in the creation of it.  It almost makes me feel like I had a hand in the process with the respect that they give to the fans.

What do you think of the cast members’ picks for favorite vampire and/or werewolf movies?  I thought that it was funny that Taylor picked a werewolf movie – and a good one at that.  I don’t know how many times I watched “Silver Bullet” when I was younger.  No many how many it was, I’m sure that my younger sister watched it twice as much as I did!

Cha-Ching!!!!  I knew that Rob, Kristen, and Taylor would be set for life as a result of doing the Twilight films, but I had no idea as to how much they were making.  Wow!!  Seeing the comparison to the new Spidey really puts things into perspective and, as the article notes, there was a good reason for Ashley and Kellan’s people to hold out for more money.

The relationship advice on the love triangle is actually a very productive way to counter some of the negative things that many people have to say about the Twilight Saga.  Rather than bash the books, use them as a learning tool for what not to do.  It’s a great launching pad for mothers and daughters to have some heartfelt conversations on dealing with boys.

Robert’s revelation on David Slade telling him to do something different with Edward in “Eclipse” was very interesting.  I’m glad that he did because this version of Edward was much closer to how I imagined him in the books.  IMHO, it was a good call on David Slade’s part!

What do you think of today’s Twilight news?  Join us in the forum and share your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you!