Twilight Stars Get Major Raises for “Breaking Dawn” recently reported on the salaries for the stars of the Twilight Saga, citing what they were making in their original contracts and what they will reportedly bring home for filming “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”.   Here’s how it breaks down:

Original Contracts:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart:  $2 Million each for Twilight; $12 Million each for New Moon

Ashley Greene: $104,000 per minute

Jackson Rathbone: $121,000 per minute

Elizabeth Reaser: $194,000 per minute (she only had 54 seconds of screen time in New Moon)

Nikki Reed: $149,000 per minute (she had 5.04 minutes of screen time combined in Twilight and New Moon)

Kellan Lutz: $273,000 per minute

Breaking Dawn Deals:

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, & Taylor Lautner: $25 million each (for both installments) plus 7.5% of the films’ theatrical gross, which could result in a final payout of $41 million each

Ashley Greene: $1.25 Million per installment

Jackson Rathbone: $750,000 per installment

Elizabeth Reaser: $750,000 per installment

Nikki Reed: $750,000 per installment

Kellan Lutz: $1.25 Million per installment


Kristen Stewart On Freedom “Twilight” Has Given Her

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Kristen Stewart, on the freedom the Twilight series has given her (i.e., she doesn’t have to worry about her next job). The Twilight Saga: Eclipse just passed $245 million; she plays a teenage stripper in New Orleans opposite James Gandolfini in Welcome to the Rileys (out in November).

“I’ve been given every opportunity,” says Stewart. “I couldn’t be in a more creative, free, easy position. Like I don’t feel like I have to do anything. . . .

“I have a clean horizon, and I can’t wait to get excited about the next project.”

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Wow!  I am blown away by the salaries that Rob, Kristen, & Taylor are getting.  It’s not that they don’t deserve them, but because they are so young.  I cannot fathom being 18 or in my young 20’s and raking in $41 Million!!  What’s even more amazing is the fact that they will make more from shooting the last two films than the budget for the first film.

The first story fits nicely with Kristen’s statement on having a “clean horizon” for choosing her next project.  When you’re sitting on a mountain of money and you aren’t worried about the mortgage, rent, or where your next meal will come from, there is a tremendous amount of freedom out there!

What do you think about today’s Twilight news?  Do you think that any of the other actors are still seriously underpaid for the upcoming shoots?  Join us in the forum and share your thoughts.