Team Edward or Team Jacob – Have It Your Way at Burger King


A promotional campaign for the third “Twilight” movie at Burger King takes advantage of the rivalry between “Twilight” fans enamored of the two main male characters.

The campaign, scheduled to get under way on Monday, supports a game that Burger King customers can play, which is linked to the next movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” due to be released by Summit Entertainment next Friday.

The game has two panels, one labeled “Team Edward,” after the vampire heartthrob, and the other labeled “Team Jacob,” after the hottie werewolf. In the campaign, dueling devotees of the two characters are seen marching into a Burger King restaurant, urging customers to play the game by scratching off the panel with their favorite character.

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Dakota Fanning, Xavier Samuels, and Bryce Dallas Howard Enjoy Being Bad Vamps


In this video from, Twilight Saga “bad vamps” Dakota Fanning, Xavier Samuels, and Bryce Dallas Howard discuss how they enjoy playing the evil vampires in the films.   Fanning also talks about what it was like to get to reprise a character in a sequel for the first time.  They also discuss how to kill vampires within the Twilight universe of vampires.  Howard discusses the stunt work and working with the wires for the running scenes in the film.  Samuels talks about what it was like to film multiple takes of the scene in which the newborn army is seen coming out of the water.

Kristen Stewart “Excited” About Two Installments of ‘Breaking Dawn’

In a recent interview with MTV, Kristen Stewart shared her thoughts on the decision to split “Breaking Dawn” into two films.  She tells Josh Horowitz, “I’m really excited. I didn’t want to read the script that was just one [movie]. It would have lacked so much because you just couldn’t cram the story into one. At least that was my opinion, so I’m really excited.”

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Peter Facinelli’s Home For Sale

Break out your checkbook!  For a mere $5.9 million you can own Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth’s Hollywood home.  The home, originally built for Tex Ritter, has a 5 car garage and over 8,000 square feet.   Check out the full listing here.

Peter Facinelli’s New Movie


twilight and Nurse Jackie star Peter Facinelli is going to star in the movie he wrote.

Loosies, written by Facinelli, is about a pickpocket in New York City who runs into a pregnant woman he had a one night stand with.

Vincent Gallo and Michael Madsen are also going to star. Michael Corrente is directing and producing with Chad A. Verdi and Glenn Ciano.

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As much as I love the Cullens, I’ve got to admit that it would be a lot of fun to portray one of the bad vamps.  To be able to cut loose of morality for a while and have an excuse to be bad seems like it would be a lot of fun.  *grins big evil grin*

OME!!!  I would kill for Peter Facinelli’s home.  I wish that I had an extra $6 million in the bank so that I could buy it!

Will you be taking advantage of the promo items at Burger King?

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