Les Grossman Gives Style Advice to Robert Pattinson

In a promo piece for the upcoming 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Les Grossman (Tom Cruise’s character from “Tropic Thunder”) gives fashion and style advice for Robert Pattinson.

Elizabeth Reaser Talks “Eclipse”


We hadn’t seen much from Elisabeth Reaser in terms of “Eclipse” promotion until an interview clip of her appeared on Hollywood Crush this morning. In her conversation with the MTV affiliate, Reaser talked about getting fit for the films in the context of co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

“The whole family is in a vulnerable position because of the love we have for Bella. If she’s not OK, we’re not OK.”

“Esme is still a vampire. She still wants to kill people all day long.”

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Get Your Own Masen Family Engagement Ring

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Frontier Airlines Badger Could Be Named for Bella

Hey, Twilight fans!  Check out this story from the Denver Westword!

Last month, Republic Airways Holdings decided to marry Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines under the Frontier name. Then, in a bid to placate potentially pissed-off Midwest fans, the company decided to honor the carrier’s Wisconsin roots by putting a badger on Frontier tails — and holding a contest to name it.

The just-named finalists, culled from votes by thousands of Wisconsins? Buddy, Cookie and, in a likely nod to Twilight, Bella.

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I love the MTV promo piece.  Tom Cruise gets on my nerves, but I love the Les Grossman character and his scene at the end of “Tropic Thunder” is epic.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  Trust me!  I wonder if any shampoo companies will approach Robert about launching a line of hair care products called “Dirt” after this.  LOL!

The comments about Esme Cullen being slighted as a character really do have some merit.  She’s virtually been ignored in the films and she really fades into the background in the books.  But people really do need to look more closely at her character and put her into the time in which she was human.  As a human, she grew up in an age where women could not vote.  She was beaten by her husband.  Because of the era in which she lived as a human, it’s in her nature to fade into the background.  She’s the heart of the home without being the center of attention.  She’s a quiet, but formidable, force within the Cullen family.

Does anyone already have the Bella engagement ring?  Anyone planning to get it?

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