Celebrity Beach Bowl: Eli Manning on Taylor Lautner, ‘He’s a vampire.’

Oh, Eli Manning! We know you’re an NFL quarterback and probably have not read the “Twilight” saga books or seen “Twilight” or “New Moon”… but still. Taylor Lautner, vampire? C’mon now.

The 4th annual Celebrity Beach Bowl kicked off Saturday, Feb. 6 in South Beach. Eli Manning is coaching Team Palladia HD and when asked in the pre-game show how he was going to use his players, he said:

Marisa Miller is my Reggie Bush. Wildcat offense with Marisa. She’s a wildcat. Taylor Lautner, he’s a vampire so he’ll definitely be in there. He’s a Wes Welker, he’ll have 15 catches for 7 yards.

Sounds good to us, Eli. Except Taylor’s a werewolf! Geez. Get it right. SOURCE

‘Twilight’ star Facinelli bedazzles thousands of fans in Temecula appearance

“Twilight” mania descended upon The Promenade mall in Temecula on Saturday afternoon — and no, Twihards, you didn’t miss the premiere of “Breaking Dawn.”

Actor Peter Facinelli, who stars as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the box-office smash movies based on Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” novels, signed autographs and posed for photos with thousands of fans at the mall, with the proceeds benefiting UNICEF’s Haiti relief fund.

His presence transformed the shopping center into a haven of thousands of shrieking teen girls, Twilight Moms, and men waiting to get autographs for their “siblings.”

The mall’s quaintness was frequently broken with teens who screamed “We love you, Peter!” whenever Facinelli would look up to wave and acknowledge the crowd.


Kellan Lutz of ‘Twilight’ Misses Playing Football

The Super Bowl has a way of bringing out some of the biggest names in Hollywood along with the biggest names in sports. Page 2 chatted with Twilight’s Kellan Lutz about his Super Bowl weekend and his dreams of playing football — before he stumbled upon a little bit of fame with the whole Twilight franchise thing.

“I love football,” he told Page 2. “I miss my high school days where I played. I was going to college for (football) and then acting came up so I had to put school on hold and now I’m on this acting adventure.”

Despite his love for the game, he’ll be the first to admit he made the right choice when it comes to career success.

“I don’t think I’m tall enough, big enough or strong enough to be in the Super Bowl,” he said. “I just miss playing football and getting hit and hitting people.”

Lutz has been making the party rounds at the Super Bowl, hitting up the Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport Launch, the Audi Superbowl XLIV Party at The W South Beach, the Direct TV Beach Bowl and of course, he’ll be at the Super Bowl game on Sunday.

“I’ve been dreaming to have the chance to go to the Super Bowl and my Cardinals went last year and I was unfortunately not able to attend that game but this game is going to be a good one,” he said. “I really want the Saints to win. I think Manning and the Colts have such an amazing team, but the heart that the Saints have I really hope pulls through.”


“Twilight” movies bring young drivers’ attention to Volvo

James Bond has inspired sales of Aston Martins and BMWs with his super-cool onscreen wheels. Now a vampire who drives a Volvo is getting the attention of young drivers.

Since the release of “Twilight” in 2008, teens and young adults have been drawn to the Volvo C30, driven by the character Edward Cullen.
“All these teenagers were going crazy about the C30,” says Carmelo Scalzo, general manager of Volvo of Oak Park. “After the movie launched, we saw this spike in C30 sales. We didn’t know what had happened until we put two and two together.”

Mr. Scalzo helped market the newer XC60, featured in the series’ second film, “New Moon” (2009), after Volvo caught on and tied the car to the movie through advertisements and guerrilla marketing.

The XC60, at $32,995, has not seen the same spike in sales as the C30, at $24,600, Mr. Scalzo says.

But for some, just seeing one is enough.

“I have people coming in with their kids who are taking pictures with the cars,” say Pat Hubert, general manager of Fields Volvo in Highland Park. “These are younger kids, probably 12 or 13 years old. Their parents say they’ll come back when they’re older.”

Franz Mausser, manager of Barrington Volvo, reports a surge of interest in both models.

“We have seen an increase in interest in both vehicles by the youngest of drivers, teens and twentysomethings, and beyond,” Mr. Mausser says. “Young parents also have been engrossed with the plots and story lines of the movie.”


I think it’s really great that these Twilight celebrities are using their ‘celebrity’ to help and participate in charities around the world.

Did you or anyone you know get a Volvo becuause of the Twilight movies?

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