Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight Saga’ find religious themes lurk within vampires, werewolves

It’s only four books and two movies.

So what can account for the “Twilight Saga’s” almost supernatural pull on the public’s imagination? Not to mention the corresponding millions of dollars in book and box office sales?

According to some fans of the best-selling books and the box office record-breaking movies, the allure goes deeper than entertainment.

Some fans say they find religious themes in Stephenie Meyer’s hit “Twilight” series

“What elevates the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon from being merely boy-meets-girl, is that the ‘ever after’ is a lot longer because Edward (the vampire hero of the series, played by Robert Pattinson in the films) is immortal,” said Claudia Mair Burney, the author of several books, including the Exorsistah series for young adults.

“He’s a very powerful being who could destroy Bella (the teenage heroine played by Kristen Stewart in the films), but his love is so sacrificial it doesn’t remotely resemble a human relationship.”


Fan effect on ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ set revealed

The Twilight Saga: New Moon’s filming process was definitely an experience for fans. “Looking into the fishbowl,” as some have called it, was what fans did throughout the entire production process, and, apparently, Twilight series fans made quite a sting on the art department’s progress – for better or for worse – in putting together the sets.

An art direction professional from New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse recounted his experience in preparing the set in December/January’s issue of Perspective.

The author described, in detail, the experience of when the house belonging to “Jacob Black” was discovered.

I was a bit surprised when a woman pushing a baby carriage trundled up and said hello. “That’s for a movie, isn’t it?” she asked. … As warmly as I could, I ducked; “Oh, you know, don’t you think someone could just get tired of green and decide to paint their place red?” She shot back, “Sure, but they wouldn’t keep painting over everything until it looked real old. It’s Jacob’s house isn’t it?” … She contended that my evasiveness — in contradiction to the evidence in the meadow — made it very likely that she had discovered a major Vancouver location for New Moon.

Jacob’s house was a key venue in Twilight Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer, but had not appeared in the first movie — so this was a big find. The fan sites were electrified. The next day another fan … posted a drive-by video of the location with her voiceover explanation of why this was surely Jacob’s place.    


iPhone App Creator Helps Fans Connect With Celebrities

Feel the need to turn a cute photo of your toddler into a bloody vampire portrait?

Glastonbury’s Robert DeFranco — CEO of 211me, a celebrity iPhone applications company — has created a unique app (application software, for those older than 42) and several others for that neglected and overlooked segment of society: The celebrity.

DeFranco, a native of Sudbury, Mass., is carving out a living by dreaming up and designing celebrity-based iPhone applications to help connect actors, musicians, and athletes with their fans.

“Vampire Transformer,” which adds charming blood, red eyes and fangs to any photo on one’s iPhone, is a popular app for which thousands of fans of the “Twilight” series have paid 99 cents. DeFranco and friend Peter Facinelli of “Twilight” fame came up with the program after successfully launching their first project — a personal, customized app that allows the actor to post family videos and other exclusive content for serious fans. MORE HERE

AGAINST THE CURRENT Movie Trailer with Joseph Fiennes

Check out the trailer for AGAINST THE CURRENT starring Joseph Fiennes, Justin Kirk, Elizabeth Reaser, Mary Tyler Moore, Michelle Trachtenberg, and directed by Peter Callahan.

Against The Current Synopsis: Against the Current is the story of Paul Thompson, (Joseph Fiennes), a man who sets out to swim the entire length of the Hudson River — all 150 miles, from Troy, NY to Manhattan. Joining Paul is his best friend since childhood, Jeff (Justin Kirk) and Liz (Elizabeth Reaser), a teacher with nothing better to do during her summer break. Together, the trio embarks upon an unusual road trip, a three-week adventure down the Hudson.

Adamant that they reach New York City by August 28, Paul keeps everyone on a tight schedule. Rain or shine, he swims, while his friends ride alongside in a boat, stopping each night to camp along the river’s edge. However, the journey soon takes a troubling turn when Paul reveals that there is more to this adventure than Jeff and Liz originally thought. Paul, who is still grieving a tragic loss, feels that after he completes this swim he will truly have nothing left to live for.

Realizing that the only way to help Paul is to continue with the swim, Jeff and Liz agree to stay on. And so with each passing stroke, a gallows humor settles over the three as they find themselves debating the finer points of jelly donuts, sex, and death. As the jokes and one-liners mix with deeper exchanges, the journey down river becomes a battle not only to save a friend, but to also discover what it is they ultimately seek inside themselves.

Both tragic and funny, Against the Current is a compelling and uncompromising exploration of sorrow and loss, one’s right to determine one’s own fate, and the limits and responsibilities of friendship.

Watch the trailer for Against The Current below.


Youtube pick of the week: a guys point of view on the Twilight saga

This week I came upon a group of videos that is the best. The people that make these videos are called HISHEdotcom also known as How It Should Have Ended. They have 24 endings to popular movies like “Avatar” and “Transformers.”

For the article I have chosen to go with the “Twilight” remake. The scene starts where Edward has to choose to either let Bella change into a vampire or suck out the venom that will change her.

This is a wake-up call to all the ladies in the world. This is how “Twilight” would have ended if a woman didn’t write it. If it was written by a man it could have gone down two different ways. It could take the Nicholas Sparks way where Edward would have turned her and lived happily ever after, or the Stephen King way where Edward wouldn’t have been able to stop and would have killed Bella.

The very end is funny also; Edward and Blade (the half vampire half human who kills vampires) are in a tree together. They are talking about how vampires can walk around during the daytime. This sparked a question in my mind, who would win, Edward or Blade? Then the winner would have to fight Buffy.

This video is how “Twilight” should have ended. It is better than the real ending, at least from a guy’s view. ‘Til next week, stay classy, Washburn.


Paramount Releases New ‘Last Airbender’ Super Bowl Trailer & It’s Hot

Paramount Releases new ‘Last Airbender’ Super Bowl trailer & it’s hot. Paramount Pictures has released their new “The Last Airbender” Super Bowl trailer spot (below),and it looks pretty damn hot. The movie is directed by M.Night Shyamalan and stars: Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, Jackson Rathbone, Dev Patel, Jessica Jade Andres, Aasif Mandvi, Shaun Toub, Cliff Curtis,and Keong Sim.

“The Last Airbender” movie revolves around Aang (Noah Rider) who is the lone Avatar,and has the power to manipulate all four elements of air,water,earth,and fire. Aang eventually teams up with Katara (Nicola Peltz), a Waterbender, and her brother, Sokka (Jackson Rathbone) in an effort to restore balance to their war-torn world. The new Super Bowl trailer shows more awesome action,and special effects scenes. “The Last Airbender” movie hits theaters on July 2.


DAVID_A_SLADE updates his twitter:

Cutting like crazy, the film is getting closer working through the weekends again, adding more EDWARD!

Do you agree with the undertone of religious themes within the Twilight Saga?

I really enjoy my Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, and Vampire Transformer apps for my iPhone. I hope these encourage more celebs to jump on board so that the fans can really feel connected.

I cracked up when I saw the ‘How Twilight Should Have Ended’ video. What did you think?

Yay David Slade for adding more Edward!! Can’t wait to see the trailer!!!< What did you think of today's Twilight Saga News? Join us in the forum to discuss!!