Release Dates for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has posted the international release dates for Eclipse:

Argentina – 30 June 2010
Brazil – 30 June 2010
Egypt – 30 June 2010
Kazakhstan – 30 June 2010
USA – 30 June 2010
Netherlands – 1 July 2010
New Zealand – 1 July 2010
Finland – 2 July 2010
Norway – 2 July 2010
Turkey – 2 July 2010
UK – 9 July 2010
Germany – 15 July 2010


Billy Burke 411 Interview

Billy Burke recently did an interview with Hollywood 411 where he discusses New Moon, his role as Charlie Swan and what it was like to work with different directors and what viewers might expect to see when Eclipse hits theaters this summer.


A Twilight Reality Show?  Not Quite…

“The Twlight Saga” has dominated the book lists, the box office, the music charts and even the fast food industry. Now it will turn it’s attention to the small screen, but not in the fashion you might think.

The Wrap has reported that there are talks to produce a reality show based on the small town of Forks, Washington, which serves as the back drop of the action of “The Twilight Saga”, Stephenie Meyer’s immortal bestselling series that is an entity in it’s own right. The show would be along the lines of The Real Housewives and follow either families or a group of kids around and chronicle their lives in light of the town’s newfound celebrity. According to Zig Gauthier, the show’s producer, the exact premise isn’t shaped out just yet, but he knows the basis of what he wants the premise to achieve; which is “to peel back another layer of the onion that is Forks and see what the real people are like.”


The Best Twilight Moments of 2009

Sink your teeth into this! From rumors of a budding romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Taylor Lautner returning as a bulked-up Jacob Black, “Extra” has the best “Twilight” moments of 2009.

1.  Dakota Fanning Gets Her Fangs


Taylor Lautner Predicted As “Top Money Making Star” Soon

Taylor Lautner, the 17 year old Twilight star who soared to the top of Hollywood’s A-list in 2009, is predicted to be a ‘Top Money Making Star’ within just a few years. The Quigley Publishing Company’s 78th Annual Poll of Exhibitors names one actor and one actress as Stars of Tomorrow. This year’s they’ve named Taylor Lautner and Carey Mulligan as the two stars who are likely to make the Top-Money Makers list in the years to come. Lautner’s 2009 major projects include: The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), Valentine’s Day (2010), Saturday Night Live.


I have to agree that the casting of Dakota Fanning as Jane and everything that Taylor Lautner did to secure the role of Jacob were definitely worthy of Extra’s list.  I don’t know that I agree with Rachelle Lafevre being replaced was one of the “best” moments – it was certainly shocking, though. And the pictures from Italy…I can’t believe that the Internet didn’t implode that day!

A reality show about Forks…I just don’t think that one will fly.

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