GETFUGU SIGNS DEAL WITH SUMMIT FOR TWILIGHT TECHNOLOGY GetFugu, Inc., a next generation mobile search tool, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Summit Entertainment, to provide GetFugu’s next generation mobile search platform for the Studio’s feature film, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

We are thrilled to work with Summit Entertainment and to be a marketing partner in this phenomenon, and help moviegoers continue their experience beyond the theater,” said Michael Jay Solomon, Chairman of GetFugu. “The ‘Twilight’ fans will certainly find our technology fun and exciting as they interact with their iPhones and experience real-time flow of information on their favorite movie series.”

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www.publishersweekly.comThe main thing about Stephenie Meyer, aside from her being a megaselling author and probably more popular than the Beatles when the Beatles were bigger than Jesus? She’s making my life really hard.

Four years ago I became a literary agent, and ever since then, writers have made certain charitable assumptions about me. They expect me to know things. They ask questions. They invite me to appear at conferences to share my expertise. Occasionally I even teach an online course called, ambitiously, How to Get Published. The #1 question I am asked by these aspiring writers? “How do I break in?”

A loaded question, if ever there was one, but over time I came up with a nearly airtight answer. I quoted Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice rule. I told of the 100-some rejection letters F. Scott Fitzgerald nailed to the wall of his office before having his first story accepted. I dilated upon the image of a young Ben Franklin, rewriting articles from the Spectator as poetry and back into crystal-clear prose late into the night. I extolled virtues so stolid they sounded like 17th-century Pilgrim names: Patience! Diligence! Faith! I imagined my listeners, teary-eyed and chastised, readying themselves for years of persistent toil before the golden day of their first acceptance by the grace of an editor or agent.

And then I learned the story of how Stephenie Meyer broke in.

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TWILIGHT CASTING CALL A SCAM AIMED AT TEENS Scammers who are claiming to be casting the fourth film of the “Twilight” saga are targeting young fans by making them pay for casting call details, says a Portland casting director.

Lana Veenker, who handled Northwest casting on the first “Twilight” film, said in a news release Friday that a teenager’s mother forwarded her an e-mail about a bogus casting call for “Breaking Dawn,” the final film in the series.

Part of the e-mail read, “This is a nationwide casting and Portland-area movie extras are still needed. No experience is necessary, all looks/types are wanted and the pay ranges from $80-$250 per day depending on whether it’s part or full time.”

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BIG QUESTIONS SURROUND BREAKING DAWN With the enormous success of the franchise so far, Summit is already working to adapt Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and final book in the series, “Breaking Dawn,” into a movie. Currently, the studio is deciding whether or not it’s best to split the 754-page book into two pictures, along the same lines as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

According to Variety, a two-parter is the path Summit is pursuing for “Breaking Dawn,” with hopes that “New Moon” director Chris Weitz will return to helm both pictures. If the two-film route does come to fruition, Summit would have to negotiate new deals with the main cast — Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner — since they are only under contract for four features.

But there’s a bigger issue to worry about here: How will they transfer the complex and graphic storylines in “Breaking Dawn” to the big screen? With even the biggest “Twilight” fans split on whether they love or hate the book, there’s no question that its content will pose a handful of problems for a movie adaptation.

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www.usatoday.comBlind Side raked in $20.4 million this weekend, according to studio estimates from box office tracking firm Nielsen EDI. So far, the film has earned $129.3 million.

 “The movie has already done more than twice what we expected,” says Jeff Goldstein of Warner Bros., which released The Blind Side. “I don’t think Sandra is America’s sweetheart; she’s the world’s sweetheart.”

 Goldstein says the studio intentionally opened opposite New Moon as alternative programming for audiences not interested in a vampire romance.

 “We knew Twilight was going to get the younger females,” Goldstein says. “So we went after the older ones. But everyone turned out.”

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