Meet The “Breaking Dawn” Supporting Cast Members

As we reported last night, Summit announced supporting cast members yesterday.  Curiously, they did not name the role associated with each actor.  Let’s take a closer look at the actors and actresses cast in these yet-to-be-named roles.  Click the actor/actress name to see their IMDb profile.

Olga Fonda

Janelle Froelich

Masami Kosaka

Sebastiao Lemos

Amadou Ly

(IMDb currently has Amadou listed as playing an uncredited character named Henry.  The only known Henry is the child of Rosalie’s childhood friend Vera.  Let’s just assume that’s an error on their site.)

Ty Olsson

Wendell Pierce

Carolina Vasquez

(no photo available)

Does anyone else think that Ty Olsson looks like a great J. Jenks?  I am also thinking that the two foreign actors – Carolina Vasquez and Sebastiao Lemos could quite possibly be Gustavo and Kaure from Brazil.  They certainly meet the demographic profile. I am also wondering if Olga Fonda and Janelle Froelich might be playing Aro and Caius’ wives.  The fact that Amadou Ly is listed as playing “Henry” on IMDb has me scratching my head as the only Henry from the Saga is Rosalie’s friend, Vera’s, little boy.  It is also quite possible that these actors could make up some of the witnesses that accompany the Volturi and their Guard to Forks or some of Jenks’ henchmen in Seattle.

What do you think?  Any guesses as to who these newest cast members will be playing in the film? Join us in the forum and share your thoughts.