Writer Fleshing Out The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn For Two Flicks According to NBC San Diego fans of the “Twilight” films are going to have a little added story to sink their teeth into. The previous movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s vamp-lit juggernaut have gone pretty much by the book, but with the final novel “Breaking Dawn” being broken into two feature films, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg tells PopcornBiz she’s enjoying a little more leeway to add some fangy flourishes of her own.

“I did actually [get to do that] because we got to fill out the story because we’re doing the next two movies,” said Rosenberg. “So there was room to play and expand on some of the characters that Stephenie introduces. That was a lot of fun. [Breaking Dawn is] a much more grownup movie – It’s an adult story,” the writer said of evolving the franchise beyond its high school origins. “The stakes are raised even higher because it’s not the story of teens. It’s the stories of grownups, so we’re talking about marriage and children and family – and these are pretty grownup things, but sexy.”

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‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’s’ ‘Renesmee’: casting details revealed Earlier this month, Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer was the one to confirm (via the Official Twilight Facebook Page) the choice in casting for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn‘s “Renesmee” – potentially the most coveted, revered, discussed, and altogether impossible role of the entire Saga.

Chosen to helm the part was Mackenzie Foy, an almost-ten-year-old who’s had a few guest spots on television shows like ‘Til Death and FlashForward.

Still, as one might imagine, there were thousands of applications for the part, and one fansite, NessieMackenzie, has brought forth a few more details on how this important bit of casting for the film went down.

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Alex Meraz Talks Bulking Up For ‘Breaking Dawn’ Alex Meraz chats with Access about filming “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” – when does he start shooting? Plus, how often does he see the rest of the wolf pack? Do he and the other guys get competitive about bulking up for their respective roles?

Oh, that little girl is adorable and even though it does say that the lines she said weren’t official, I can’t stop imagining what kind of dialogue Renesmee will have 🙂 I also can’t wait to see Mackenzie, I’m still wondering what they’ll use for when Nessie is a baby, CGI, real baby or both?

What did you think of the other Renesmee auditions? Who would you have picked for the role?

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