Sneak Peek of “Simpsons” Halloween Spoof of “Twilight”

Don’t forget to tune in or set your DVR for the November 7 episode of “The Simpsons” which will feature a spoof of “Twilight” with Daniel Radcliffe doing the voice of the vampire, Edmund.  Check out some of these stills from the upcoming episode.


Does “Breaking Dawn” Glorify Domestic Violence?

Once again, the Twilight Saga is under fire for allegedly sending the wrong kind of message to young girls and women.  In this instance, the bruises that Bella wakes up to find on her honeymoon are at the source of the scrutiny.  The allegation is that Bella finds herself battered at the hands of her lover and that the scenario dramatizes the cycle of domestic violence, as Edward is uber apologetic and disgusted by his what he has done to her. 

Examiner took a look at the debate and had this to say:

Fans say that the book is a fantasy and that readers know it. They say Edward has been tortured all along with the conflict of loving Bella on the one hand but staying away from physical contact with her on the other precisely because he knew that this would happen. He is not in control of his actions because he is a vampire.

Critics say that the scenario walks a little too closely to dramatizing the dangerous cycle of domestic violence — that the men who hurt women apologize afterwards, and the women they have abused forgive them repeatedly, or even blame themselves for the abuse.

Jackson Rathbone On “No Ordinary Family”

Take a peek at Jackson Rathbone on the set of ABC’s “No Ordinary Family”.  He will air in the November 9 episode of the show, titled “No Ordinary Visitors”.  He will play a character named Trent Stafford, one of the victims of a home invasion.


 I cannot wait to see that episode of The Simpsons!  I laughed out loud when I saw the image of Edmund stopping the bus. 

What do you think of the allegation that “Breaking Dawn” dramatizes the cycle of domestic violence?  In my own humble opinion, I’m saying that’s a reach.  It’s probably pretty safe to say that most sexually active women have woken up the morning after to find a bruise or two somewhere on them.  It happens.  Not to minimize the danger of domestic violence, I honestly don’t feel that the situation in “Breaking Dawn” is a cause for alarm – especially when this passage is read along with the rest of the series and the nature of all of the characters is fully understood.

What do you think?  Do you think that this part of “Breaking Dawn” should be raising some red flags?

Have you been watching “No Ordinary Family”? Will you be tuning in to catch the episode with Jackson?

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