Rumors of Eclipse Screening Are Bogus


Early this morning we started receiving frenzied tips hinting that “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” had test screened for an audience.

The rumors sounded dubious, but Gossip Cop wanted to be sure.

Our doubts were well founded.

Gossip Cop has confirmed that Summit Entertainment has not shown “Eclipse.” A source connected to the production tells us talk of a screening is “absolutely not true.”

The “testimonials” and other reports being passed among blogs today are not legitimate. No screenings have taken place, nor are the specifics about the release of a theatrical trailer accurate.


Robert Pattinson Voted Best Dressed Man


FANGS are the height of fashion these days, or so it seems.

Twilight star ROBERT PATTINSON has been named Best Dressed man by the British readers of GQ magazine.

The 23-year-old beat all four members of Take That, who came in second, and Arctic Monkey’s star ALEX TURNER in the poll.


Robert Pattinson Talks Celebrity, Co-Star Kristen Stewart, Being a Twilight Star


photo property of vanity fair

Robert Pattinson is a household name, and 2010 will be sure to seal his fate as a bonafide superstar. In a new interview with Joy Magazine from Romania, Pattinson discusses what it is like to be the celebrity he is today, his co-star Kristen Stewart, the success of Twilight and more.

When asked what he doesn’t like about being a celebrity, Pattinson reveals: “It’s really bizarre how the press jumps at me and wants to write so much about me. This means I can barely go outside by myself anymore – suddenly I have to hide or make up some tricky diversions. Sure, I don’t mind it when people approach me on the street, but, when it comes to a bunch of hysterical teenagers that jump at me, I’m quite worn out.”


Nikki Reed’s Film, Chain Letter, Releases First Trailer


A full-length trailer of “Chain Letter” has made its way out courtesy of Deon Taylor Enterprises. Opened with a scene when a man receives and deletes a junk mail, the video footage continues on to show that the mail the man received is a chain mail others are getting their hands on.

But, when they break the chain by choosing to ignore it, they find out that their lives are at stakes. Now, racing against time, they have to figure out who is behind the chain letters before they all end up six-feet under.


Interview: Kirsten Prout Is Lucy in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Nineteen-year-old Canadian born actress Kirsten Prout has been making a name for herself in film and television, since getting bitten by the acting but at the very young age of two. After her feature film debut in 2005 as Abby, sidekick to Jennifer Garner’s character in the superhero flick Elektra, she went on to play Amanda, the girl-next-door love interest for Kyle on the ABC Family drama Kyle XY.

This June, Kirsten Prout will be in her most visible project to date, as vampire Lucy in the highly anticipated The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. In the third installment of the popular film franchise, her character is seen in flashbacks that give insight into the backstory of Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) and how he was created.

In this exclusive interview, the rising star talked to IESB about the experience of playing her darkest role yet, in such a high-profile film.

IESB: What can you say about your character in Eclipse? How does she fit into the story?

Kirsten: Without revealing too much, Lucy is one of the vampires that turns Jasper, played by Jackson Rathbone. Jasper gets turned while he is an officer, and I’m one of the vampires that causes Jasper to be turned during his military career. Lucy appears to be an innocent little victim, and then she turns into something a lot more sinister.


Bella Top Dog Name of 2009


Dog owners this year entered the “Twilight” zone when it comes to naming their pets. Bella, the name of the heroine of the “Twilight” series, has knocked Max off its perch as the top dog name for 2009. Feline fanciers have yet to follow suit: there, Max continues to rule.

Each year, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance, searches its database of more than 475,000 insured pets to determine the top pet names of the year. (VPI’s survey does not include animals not insured by the company.)

This year, Bella ended Max’s six-year reign atop the list of popular dog names by more than 400 dogs, knocking the reigning champion down a notch. But Bella only managed a third-place finish among cat owners, with Max and Chloe ranking as the #1 and #2 most popular.


I think it’s funny that Rob was voted as best-dressed when there were so many reports about him not bathing and wearing the same clothes for several days in a row last year.  I honestly like his style – he has no pretentious manner about him for his everyday wear.  And when he dresses up…wow.  He really can rock both looks!

The interview with Rob really reveals how hard the guy has been working for the past couple of years and the toll that the craziness can take on a person – particularly the hoards of screaming teens.  I do love his parting shot about the rumors dating all of his co-stars.  Ha!

Nikki Reed’s upcoming film looks interesting.  I tend to steer clear of a lot of psychological thrillers because I think that they are things that could actually happen (i.e. “The Strangers), but I might just have to check this one out.

The interview with Kirsten Prout has me very anxious for the next installment because I cannot wait to see Jasper’s story played out on the screen!

Do any of you have any pet(s) named for Twilight characters?  If I were in the market for a new pet, I would totally use a Twilight name!!

What about you?  What do you think of today’s Twilight Saga news?  Share your thoughts in our forum!