[Breaking Dawn] Where will they shoot it?

Some non-romance related updates for you Twi-Hards, this has to do with shooting location in response to the daily flurry of emails I receive for production information related to the 4th and possibly 5th movie(s).

You’ll recall I was the first to report that due to provincial tax credit drama and competing incentives, Portland became a more viable location. Despite reports elsewhere, as of this weekend, no final decision has been made. Having said that, Vancouver remains Summit’s first choice even though the tax credit situation has yet to be sorted.

My sources tell me exclusively Summit representatives met with the BC government just before Christmas to see if a favourable arrangement could be worked out. That meeting concluded with NO commitments from government officials who explained that they were not prepared to look at any new tax structure until after the Olympics. Summit was hoping to make a decision sooner. MORE HERE

Taylor Lautner Talked ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ at the Globes

Taylor Lautner talked ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ at the Globes. Last night, NBC was able to catch up with Taylor Lautner, star of SummitEntertainment’s wildly popular and enormously successful “Twilight” franchise. He was out and about the red carpet at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. During their chat, Lautner revealed a few details about “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, the third installment in the franchise.

Lautner discussed how tough it was to maintain his muscular physique. He stated, “It’s tough. It’s a challenge,definitely.It’s just as hard to keep it on as it was to put in on,originally.” Next he talked a little bit about “Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” He said, Well, if you’ve read the books, you know what’s comin,but it gets exciting. There’s definitely a lot more action. No surprises. The fans no what’s comin, but it gets good.”


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