‘Twilight: Eclipse’s’ Peter Facinelli: Carlisle is ‘such a calming force’

Peter Facinelli was at the Television Critics Association press tour for the “Nurse Jackie” panel — but of course, “Twilight: Eclipse” came up.

Facinelli was asked about his crazy schedule and let us all in on how he’d been filming both “Eclipse” and “Nurse Jackie” at the same time.

I actually enjoyed it because I enjoy what I do. So when I show up for work, it’s very invigorating, and I get energized by it. So there were times where I’d get off an airplane from a red-eye and have, like, three hours’ sleep and then go straight to work. But again, I’m having such a good time on the show, and the actors are so phenomenal. For me, as soon as I get on the set, I have so much energy.

Facinelli went on to contrast his “Twilight” saga character of Dr. Carlisle Cullen with his “Nurse Jackie” character of Dr. Fitch Cooper.

And it was actually really fun for me to do such contrasting roles because Carlisle is so – he’s such a calming force, and he’s a rock, and he’s a foundation of this family. And Coop is none of that. He’s – I mean, he runs around like he’s had four cans of Red Bull. So to be able to do those two contrasting roles where, in one character, I’m very still and the other one he’s very energized was a lot of fun for me.

“Twilight: Eclipse” hits theaters June 30, 2010 and “Nurse Jackie” should return with its second season on Showtime sometime in Summer 2010.


Quileute to receive apology for’s ‘Twilight’ video

LAPUSH — is set to offer a public apology to the Quileute tribe today for a video shot on Stephenie Meyer Weekend in September that showed unapproved filming on the reservation — including scenes of the cemetery and graves, said tribal spokeswoman Jackie Jacobs.

Jacobs said she was first alerted to the video on Nov. 12 — just two days before she and tribal council members left for the Los Angeles premiere of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

“It was such a bittersweet trip because I found out just two days before, and I knew I would be going to this huge celebration and would have to sit down and tell the council about it,” Jacobs said.

“I couldn’t really reiterate verbally or adequately convey what those images were like.”

The film crew shot images of the Tribal Council building, totem poles, First Beach, the Senior Center and the Quileute Cemetery.

The film was set to dark music — described by Jacobs as “macabre” — and was filmed in an amateur documentary style. MORE HERE

‘Twilight: Eclipse’s’ Taylor Lautner confirmed for Golden Globes

There’s a good moon rising over Hollywood on Sunday, Jan. 17 — “Twilight’s” Taylor Lautner is presenting at the Golden Globes.

Lautner will join Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Josh Brolin, Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Amy Poehler, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet and many others as presenters at the 67th annual Golden Globes.

Lautner recently won Breakout Movie Actor at the People’s Choice Awards and may end up as the biggest star to come out of the “Twilight” series when all is said and done.

There is no word yet on whether Lautner’s “Twilight” co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be appearing at the Golden Globes. It’s weird to see them not presenting as a trio, which so far has been par for the course for awards shows.

The Golden Globes air live on NBC Sunday, Jan. 17 beginning at 8 p.m. EST.


Internet Kills Taylor Lautner in Latest Death Hoax

This is just dead wrong.

In a career milestone achieved by only a select few (and Jaleel White), Twilight Saga star Taylor Lautner has become the victim of his very own Internet death hoax.

Take that, Robert Pattinson.

No, Lautner’s not really dead. A rep for Summit Entertainment tells E! News, “I am almost 100-percent positive this is a hoax.” (After double-checking with the home office in Hollywood, the rep confirmed this was indeed a hoax.)

Besides, unless our favorite werewolf doubles as a zombie, he’ll be presenting in the flesh at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, organizers announced today.

But it’s kind of an Interweb honor…

It wasn’t that long ago the onetime Sharkboy was fighting to keep his New Moon role, and now he’s a chiseled cinema stud who will soon be starring with (fellow death hoax victim) Tom Cruise. And that can only mean one thing: Some knucklehead had to go and claim Lautner’s gone to that great wolf pack in the sky.

At least they gave him a unique demise. Unlike many others, Lautner didn’t “die” at the hands of an infamous New Zealand cliff. Some so-called reports accused the 17-year-old of a cocaine overdose.

It’s not so bad. Joining such undead luminaries as Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Miley Cyrus and even Twilight scribe Stephenie Meyer, Lautner can count himself in elite company.
That is, if he doesn’t get too hung up on Jeff Goldblum, Sinbad and Urkel being there, too.


Twilight Producer Speculates on Fall Shoot and CGI Baby for Breaking Dawn, Says Chris Weitz Unlikely to Direct

I’ve got to say, perhaps the best thing about Summit’s relentless commitment to making Twilight films is that the whole process is going to rush us towards an adaptation of the utterly crazy finale Breaking Dawn in record time. That means two things. One, we’ll get to see the utterly crazy Breaking Dawn on screen, and that’ll hopefully be good for some fun. And two, the whole thing will be over quick; no drawing it out like Warner Bros. did with Harry Potter.

Summit is currently looking at a fall shoot for Breaking Dawn, and while producer Wyck Godfrey doesn’t know if the book will spawn one film or two, he does have some other notes about what we can expect.

The LA Times has an interview with Godfrey, in which he discusses some of the hurdles facing Summit with respect to Breaking Dawn. He notes that all three principal actors (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) are signed for the film, and that Melissa Rosenberg is currently working on the script. Whether it will end up as one film or two is a point on which he’s coy, but rest assured that if they can finagle two films out of it (star schedules and paydays included) it will be done. MORE HERE

I totally agree that Peter Facinelli is a ‘calming force’. Any interview that is given I have seen him really take charge of the ‘Father’ role of the Twilight Saga. He seems really down to earth and super cool. I wish more celebrities would take from his amazing attitude!

I’m really starting to get tired of all the death hoaxes. These people are making a mockery of the news business. And heaven forbid someone’s family member sees that on the news and is devastated at the expense of the ‘joke’. I think they need to get a life.

On a high note! I can’t wait until Breaking Dawn is finalized, I hope they take the time though to think through all the details of the book for the fans so that it is true to the story instead of being rushed. We Twilight fans can be patient (sort of). 🙂

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