Peter Facinelli On ‘Nurse Jackie’ and Twitter


Peter Facinelli plays an eccentric doctor in Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie,” but in Season 2, Dr. Fitch Cooper ends up having something in common with the actor himself – a Twitter account.

And when asked about the difference between Coop’s Twitter account and his own at the Television Critics Association “Nurse Jackie” panel on Saturday in Pasadena, Calif., Peter said it was all about the numbers.

“He doesn’t have nearly as many people following him,” Peter, who has nearly 1.5 million devotees, said.

The star said he enjoys the social networking site, but unlike some stars, he has no plans to make his personal space commercial.


Peter Facinelli Explains Why ‘Eclipse’ Is His Favorite Twilight Saga Book


“What I like about the third movie is you get to see a side of Carlisle you haven’t seen before,” Peter said at a press event to promote his other high-profile project, Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. “You actually get to see what his vampire capabilities are because there’s some great battle sequences. It’s my favorite book.”

“Carlisle is holding on to that humanity,” he explained. “He doesn’t want to be a vampire.”


Biff America: Hooked on teen vampire lit


I did not want to fight with that teenage girl.

It wasn’t that I thought I couldn’t take her; I must have outweighed her by 70 pounds, and I definitely had a reach advantage. Of course, I might have underestimated her; despite her slight frame and bookish appearance she looked at me, through her Harry Potter glasses, with the intensity of an angry badger.

“This book is mine,” she snarled, “I just put it down so I could get my money out of my purse.” Saying this she grabbed at the book I was holding. She held one side, I had the other.

“I’m sorry,” I answered, “Could you tell me where in the store you found it? I want to buy a copy.”

It seems I was a little slow to release the tome, so she yanked it out my hands, held it to her chest and said defiantly, “This is the last copy.”


Stewart feels She Has Become Her ‘Twilight’ Character


The 19-year-old feels “protective” of her big screen alter ego because their lives have progressed in a similar way, reports

“I feel like Bella has become something that is me, in a weird way. I feel very protective of her. Bella and I have been on a similar ride, in that during the second film she matures a bit. She’s making these drastic life decisions and she knows what she wants,” she said.


The Vladar Company Launches Official Site for the Film ‘Last Day of Summer’ Starring Nikki Reed


The Official site for the film Last Day of Summer has just been launched by the Vladar Company.

The new film directed by Vlad Yudin and produced by The Vladar Company– Last Day of Summer stars DJ Qualls, Nikki Reed and William Sadler. The site features a unique design and interface that brings you into the world of a frustrated fast food employee, Joe (DJ Qualls), who’s reached his breaking point from being harassed and tormented by his boss. Finally on the last day of summer, Joe snaps and decides to take revenge on his boss but his plans are disrupted when a quick glance from a beautiful girl (Nikki Reed) catches his attention leading him to kidnapping her instead, changing both their lives forever.


Hmmm…Carlisle in a wig next time, huh?  It seems like almost everyone in that movie will have worn some kind of hairpiece or had their hair colored for the movie.  It’s interesting to think of how they didn’t let the physical descriptions of the characters limit them in casting.  It’s great to see him so excited about the battle scene in Eclipse.  Aside from a few select scenes between Edward and Bella, that’s what I can’t wait to see.  I really want to see Esme kick some newborn vampire a**!  Poor Esme seems to be ignored in the movies.

I love the objective “Biff America” commentary.  It’s refreshing to see someone not bashing the book out of their own pettiness and pseudo-intellectual perception of themselves.  This statement probably sums it up for me and hundreds of thousands of other fans of the books:

“these books are not great intellectual works; that is OK, because I’m not an intellectual”

It’s easy to see why Kristen Stewart would identify so much with Bella.  She started this at the same age that Bella is in the stories.  She’s gained all kinds of unwanted attention.  She broke up with a long-time boyfriend and (if you believe what’s being reported about a certain off-set relationship) has entered into her first relationship as an adult.  They are really kind of coming of age together.  There’s a definite parallel.

I can now do a six-degrees of separation with the Twilight cast!  D.J. Qualls went to my high school and was in my sister’s class.  LOL!!

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