by Kimberly Sherman on Twilight Parents Examiner

An extension of enjoyment beyond reading the ‘Twilight’ saga and watching the movie countless times is the world of fan fiction. Though fans will hear countless terms, from fluffy to lemony to crossover, this primer will help the novice enter the fan fiction world without becoming completely overwhelmed.

What exactly is fan fiction?
Fan fiction are stories about popular books, TV series, movies, comics, etc. that are written by fans. The stories sometimes follow the canon of the original source, but sometimes stray. There are even writers who create “crossover” fan fiction.

What is the draw?
In general, I think the draw is a chance to continue exploring a universe or characters that you love when the original material has run out.

Is it easier to write fan fiction having first read it or as a newcomer?
I really don’t think it matters. There is a lot of really bad fan fiction out there – but there is also some really fantastic fan fiction out there, too. I think it really just depends on if you’re a good writer, have a good imagination and a good grasp of the characters/universe you’re writing in.

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At the moment fan fiction writing is explored through every genre imaginable, books, movies, TV shows ,and beyond. Do you read fan fiction? Do you write your own fan fic? If you are interested we also have a fan fiction section at OpenBookSociety HERE.