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from Donna Kaufman at iVillage: Meet Your Newest Crush-Micael Sheen

Michael Sheen is an accomplished stage and film actor known more for his quirky character roles than his sex appeal. But that was before he became a vampire. Sheen is playing Aro, leader of the vampire council the Volturi. The sinister, power-hungry character may not have the white-knight appeal of Robert Pattinson’s Edward — but you have to admit, sometimes evil vamps just have more fun. (We’re thinking Lestat… or Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Spike..)
So who is this Michael Sheen fellow, and why does he look familiar? You may have seen him playing David Frost in last year’s hyper-acclaimed drama Frost//Nixon, a role the Welshman originated onstage. Didn’t catch that one? He also played Lucian, the scruffy werewolf in the Underworld films.

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By Amanda Bell at The Examiner: ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ soundtrack snippets now live on Amazon

Grab your headphones, people, because the time to sample the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: New Moon is now upon us.

Over at Amazon, several seconds of listening previews are now available for each of the songs on the New Moon soundtrack!

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Via Katie Hammel at Top 10 Travel destinations for Twilight fans

  New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight saga, will be hitting theaters on November 20th.

 To satiate your thirst for teen vampire angst until the movie’s premiere, why not take a trip to one of these destinations perfect for the Twilight-obsessed?
 Forks, Washington
Forks is where the love story of Edward and Bella began, and where most of the action in the four Twilight books takes place. Stephanie Meyer chose the small town for the setting of her book because days here are usually cloudy, making it the perfect place for a clan of vampires (who sparkle in the sun) to settle. The tiny Welcome Center now offers maps of Twilight landmarks and “Dazzled by Twilight’, a store devoted entirely to the saga, offers tours to surrounding locations from the books (or at least, sites that resemble places in the books – “Bella’s house” isn’t actually the house used in the movie). A few local inns, including the Dew Drop Inn and the Pacific Inn Motel, have designed Twilight-themed rooms, and are of course, charging a premium for them.

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I’m excited for the new soundtrack! And those are very cool travel ideas. I wish I could go to Italy!

Which place would you like to visit? Which song do you like the best?