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‘New Moon’ soundtrack goes platinum: But does it have the teeth to beat ‘twilight’? It seems my New Moon: A Hater’s Guide Popwatch post of last week has had absolutely zero effect on the commercial success of the film and its soundtrack. While the movie racked up an astonishing, and record-breaking, $142m in ticket sales over its opening weekend, the CD has just been certified platinum and sold 93,000 copies in its sixth week on release.

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New Moon Director Fires Back at Critics director Chris Weitz says he wasn’t taken aback by critics’ harsh words for the Twilight sequel (Ty Burr of The Boston Globe called the vampire flick a “mope-fest.”) Moon

“Nothing surprises me in terms of reviews,” Weitz tells Entertainment Weekly. “Having been a reviewer myself, there are only two ways to spin this story. You can either be the one guy who says this is a great movie, or more likely, take a more jaundiced view of the whole thing. And given the media blitz that has accompanied ‘New Moon,’ it’s rather unsurprising. I do wish there was more appreciation for cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe. I think he’s a genius, and I think he made something beautiful.”

He says he is just relieved fans embraced the sequel, which earned $285 million worldwide in its opening weekend.

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Rachelle Lefevre ribs ‘The Twilight Saga’ once again we at the Ministry support Rachelle Lefevre‘s moving on after her “Twilight Saga” firing as evil vampire Victoria, we detect a note of sour grapes today on her official Twitter.

“Filming thriller ‘The Caller’ in Puerto Rico [with] Stephen Moyer from ‘True Blood’ but it’s weird — not a single vampire in the whole movie,” she tweeted, topping it off with a smiling, winking emoticon.

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Twilight Stars May Get A Massive Payday For Spin-Off TV Show when you thought we’d suffered enough, Twilight is set to expand from movie theaters into a weekly presence in your home. I know, I thought they’d already done that and it was called The Vampire Diaries. But this will be the real deal and what’s more they may even bring along the cast from the films, for a price.

ICT Mag says Summit is planning a Twilight spin-off TV show and they could be offering film star Robert Pattinson as much as $1.5 million per episode to show up in it. Rumor is they may be offering Kristen Stewart a similar deal.

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Teen Wolf Taylor Lautner Does Rolling Stone Magazine New Moon star Taylor Lautner is wet on cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The 17-year-old Twilight star talks on personal life with the new December 10 issue of Rolling Stone and It seems he’s a good boy. Do you want to read more about the sexy Teen Wolf? Go!

Despite his huge fame, Taylor Lautner is staying grounded, he’s quiet and guarded. During the interview with Rolling Stone magazine he says that he’s never smoked pot or cigarettes and never snorted a line of cocaine. He loves sports, he turned his love of martial arts into superstardom as werewolf Jacob in the Twilight saga. Taylor Lautner started learning karate at six and moved on to Xtreme Martial Arts.

“This could have happened to anyone who played Jacob,” Lautner tells RS. “It’s Twilight. It’s not me personally.”

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Twilight Attention Shifts to Breaking Dawn Post New Moon

Now that New Moon is breaking box office records, Twilight fans are looking beyond Eclipse to Breaking Dawn. With Twilight and New Moon already in theater history and the Twilight Saga Eclipse set for 2010, Twilight Saga attention is quickly shifting to Breaking Dawn. The major Twilight question surrounding Breaking Dawn is over which director will helm the final Twilight Saga film.

Although New Moon is finally here and we anxiously await Twilight Saga Eclipse in June 2010, Breaking Dawn is still up in the air, as was reported months ago.

MTV questioned some of the Twilight Saga cast to get their thoughts on Breaking Dawn during the New York premiere of New Moon. Last week, Twilight Saga cast members revealed their hopes for Breaking Dawn. Peter Facinellli and Robert Pattinson are on the same page with hopes to see Gus van Sant in the director’s chair. At the same time, Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene don’t have a problem with Breaking Dawn getting cut into two films, even though there hasn’t been any confirmation or hint that Breaking Dawn will be split. In relation to Breaking Dawn, Reed admitted, “It doesn’t matter to me … if they think that’s what’s best for the book, and if they don’t think they can make it in one, then great,” Adding. “But I don’t even know if they’re making it.”

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Black Friday online deals: Amazon puts Twilight on sale Meyer’s wildly popular “The Twilight Saga Collection” is among the many Black Friday deals that is offering today.

Meyer’s four-volume Twilight series normally goes for $45.65, but Amazon is promising it will go on sale today at 11 a.m. eastern time. The book is currently the no. 4 bestseller on Amazon.

Amazon promises that it will add new Black Friday deals throughout the day and into next week, including on popular books.

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We rarely get what we want, so why expect that everyone will like the same movie? One thing I must say it that new moon turned out to be a better movie than twilight, people must understand that it was a low budget indie movie, they did what they could. But thanks to the fans that made twlight a big success we got a better proyect with the help of Chris Weitz. It might get bad critics like everything else in the world that we don’t understand, but what counts is that the twi-fans loved it! 😉

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