Having recently joined Twitter, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” director Chris Weitz has been busy answering Twilight fans’ questions about the film and working with the actors.  Here’s a little transcript of some of the questions and answers:

Q.  Favourite scene in new moon?

A.  Facepunch the movie

Q.  Favorite song from new moon soundtrack?

A.  The Bon Iver… or the Tom Yorke…

Q.  Most difficult scene to shoot in New Moon? 🙂

A.  What we liked to call “The roundy-round scene” (depression cgi change of seasons)

Q.  What was the funniest thing that happened on the set of New Moon?

A.  When I tried to prove to Kristen that it would be easy to shoot her underwater scene by going 10 feet underwater with weights on my wetsuit and panicked.

Q.  Which area was easier to shoot in? Vancouver or Volterra?

A.  Well… Vancouver was cold but peaceful. Montepulciano was warm but PACKED

Q.  Which wld u say is easier, 2 b screenwriter or Director? Was there anything in NM that you wish could’ve changed in hindsight?

A.  Directing is more fun because you get to stride around acting important, but everyone asks you questions all the time. Writing is more realxing, but I get tired of my own company.

Q.  What happened to that kissing scene Chris…the one OUTSIDE in Montepulciano? (still love what u did with NM :))

A.  Oh. Well, even with R+K, too much of a good thing…

Q.  Is Rob even more dreamy in person? do tell. 😉

A.  He is so dreamy that I am sometimes asleep while talking to him.

Q.  Which twilight character would you play in a Twilight movie???

A. I’m sort of a Mike. Or a Gran. Or maybe Jane. Yeah, she’s badass.

Q.  1Why weren’t Edward’s eyes black in Volterra? 2Why didn’t he break anything after the vote? 3Why was the after-party drive deleted?

A.   1) I goofed, 2) ditto, 3) Only so much time in the movie!!!

Q.  Is your wife a fan of the twilight saga? 🙂

A.  She read all the books before I did!

Q.  team edward or team jacob?

A.  Please… I don’t want to get in trouble

Q.  heyy :):) x how did you feel when you were asked to be the director of “new moon”?? x

A.  I felt, “I had better not mess this up.”

Q.  What was you favorite scene that you had to cut? 

A.  The scene where Jacob meets the cool old guy, Chris W., who tells him that everything will be cool.

Q.  Do you feel slightly bad for selling out on the “silver” Volvo? Would you change that if you could?

A.  Not when I drive my bitchin’ BLACK VOLVO! Just kidding, I drive a Honda accord.

Q.  Why did you decide to join twitter now and not during new moon ?

A.  Because I would be too busy twittering to get anything done!

Q.  Are they really an item? robsten?”WELL???:))

A.  Lemme be very straight here, without trying to sound mean. Kristen is my friend. Rob is my friend. Their personal lives are their own.

Q.  What was it like working with Robert Pattinson ….any funny set stories? : ) x

A.  He calls a somersault a “roly poly”.

Q.  How was working with Kristen? Please, answer 😀

A.  Kristen is very committed, serious, incredibly hard on herself, natural and has teh world’s best BS detector.

Q.  What’s Kristen’s non serious side like? Does she have fun too?

A.  Of course! But she does not invite me.

Q.  Catherine H. said in an interview that she didn’t direct NM because Summit wanted to rush it. Was there pressure to rush it?

A.  Meh. It all depends. There was a definite release date, that’s hard to hit. And CGI very hard to deliver on time.

Q.  Were you shocked at how dedicted and Quick taylor was at putting on 30 pounds of muscle for New Moon?

A.  Not as shocked as he was to see me put on 30 pounds of fat.

Q.  What is your favorite thing about Rob Pattinson??

A.  His sense of humor, and the fact that he remembers my name.

Q.  So many questions about Rob & Kris, anything to say about Jackson Rathbone?

A.  He can raise the dead with the power of his stare.

Q. What was the most stressful day or scene to shoot on NM?

A.  Bella’s breakdown in the forest after she’s broken up with. Cold night, sad scene.

Q.  Do you still support rob and Kristen? Would you like to work again with them?

A.  In a New York minute.

Q.  When you agreed to direct New Moon did you realize you would be answering Rob & Kristen questions for the next 45 years?

A.  If that guarantees me 45 more years of life, sure.

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As Dr. Cooper on “Nurse Jackie”, Peter Facinelli is known for his inappropriate touches due to his character’s  “sexual tourrettes”.  Check out this video that gives a little biographical history of the actor and how he developed the character of Dr. Cooper on the series.



Check out this video of Kellan Lutz chatting it up with the papparazzi and even hugging one member during his arrival in Vancouver.

Chris Weitz sure jumped into Twitter with a big splash.  Perhaps Peter Facinelli was giving him pointers during the shooting of “New Moon”.  I love that he is taking the time to answer fan questions like that.  Honestly, I don’t know if I would have the patience to do so if I were in his shoes. 

What do you think of the Peter Facinelli video?  It’s odd seeing all of those pictures of him when he was younger. I forgot that he looked like that.   I always find it interesting to learn what someone was doing before they caught the acting bug.  I could totally see him in the legal profession, though.  Did you know that Kellan was studing Engineering before he ended up in his current career ( as was super-model Cindy Crawford). 

While I generally tend to ignore papparazzi pics and videos, I really liked seeing the friendly side of Kellan as he interacted with them at the airport.  His arrival is so drastically different from that of Rob and Kristen, considering the fact that he doesn’t live in as much of a fishbowl as those two. 

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