News outlets are reporting some possible casting rumors for Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.  Reuters is reporting that Kristen is in the running for the role of Snow White in “Snow White and the Huntsman.”  The movie will be a retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, directed by Rupert Sanders, and is rumored to be negotiating with Viggo Mortensen to play the Huntsman  and Charlize Theron is in negotiations to play the evil queen. 

There are also reports that Robert Pattinson is gunning to play the role of the late Jeff Buckley in a film about the musician. 


Have you ever wondered what celebrity publicists do in their downtime?  Well, it turns out that Stephenie Meyer’s publicist is also a YA author.  EW gives fans the scoop on the 35 year-old author/publicist, Elizabeth Eulberg,  in a new article about the author’s new book Prom and Prejudice.  The book is a modern-day spin on the Austen classic told from the perspective of Lizzie Bennett, a junior scholarship student at a private school.

In your acknowledgements you thank Stephenie Meyer for a conversation that sparked your idea for the book. What was said?

We were on tour and talking about Pride & Prejudice and the different ways it’s influenced current pop culture—from Bridget Jones’s Diary to the Bollywood movie Bride & Prejudice. And I started thinking to myself, Could it be retold from a teen point of view? Pride & Prejudice is all about the Bennett sisters trying to find a husband but I didn’t want it to be about girls in high school trying to find a boyfriend. So I was like ‘What do girls and boys do in high school?’ And then all of the sudden the title Prom & Prejudice came to mind and I said it aloud and Stephenie was like ‘Ooh, that’s really good!’


Production crews are near completion of reassembling Charlie Swan’s home at a set location near Vancouver.  The full-scale replica of the original house from the first film has been used in the second and third films for the filming of the outdoor scenes at Charlie’s house.  The cast will relocate from Baton Rouge to Vancouver soon to finish filming the shooting of both installments of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”. 

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The Peninsula Daily is reporting that concern over what will happen to Forks when the hype surrounding The Twilight Saga fades was a hot topic of discussion at a recent Forks Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Twilight-related tourism has provided a huge economic boost to the small town and the town leaders acknowledge that it can’t last forever. 

Because of the economic downturn, state budget issues and shrinking tax revenue, the city will have to re-evaluate every department in 2012, he said.

“We have been lucky because Twilight, in many ways, has floated us through what has been a very difficult time for many cities,” he said.


What do you think of the casting rumors for Kristen and Rob?  Can you imagine Rob portraying Jeff Buckley?  The “Snow White and the Huntsman” sounds interesting but I can’t help but think that it almost sounds like a copycat attempt of the upcoming “Red Riding Hood”.  What do you think about the possible similarities there?

It’s interesting that Stephenie’s publicist is also a YA author.  So…I wonder who is managing her publicity? 

I’m glad to see that the business community of Forks is wise enough to recognize that the massive interest in their small town will wane over the next few years.  Although, I can easily see that there will always be some kind of stream of Twilight traffic through there as new generations of readers discover the books and then the movies. 

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