IS TWILIGHT THE ONE MOVIE YOU’D SAVE IF THE WORLD CAME TO AN END? If — god forbid — our civilization were to disappear, which works of literature, film, art and music should be preserved to represent our society to future generations? That is the question behind the “What Would You Take With You in 2012?” web site, set up as a viral marketing tool for November’s apocalyptic thriller “2012.”

Though polls are still open in the art, literature, and music categories, voting has concluded in the film category with a surprising (yet at the same time, not so surprising if you’re tuned into what’s popular in pop culture right now) victor: everybody’s favorite vampire romance “Twilight”. Michael Jackson’s 1988 docu-fantasy “Moonwalker” placed second with the “Star Wars” series coming in third.

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I would definitely save my cats, then a few purses and shoes. THEN I would save my Twilight collection. Ok, ya know what? I think I would probably end up dying in my house just clutching everything that I love…Bummer. They would find me hugging my Edward stand-up; not the worst way to perish, right? 😉

Would you save Twilight?