By now, Stephenie Meyer fans everywhere have begun buzzing about “Twilight in Forks”, the first-ever documentary about the “Twilight” phenomenon. I’m particularly excited about the movie because I visited the tiny little logging town not too long ago, and it was during that trip that I initially met the crew and heard about the project.

Now, as part of the first step in producer York Baur and director Jason Brown’s countdown to the film’s release, the duo have given us the “one sheet” for the flick. So, take a minute and check out the cool art after the jump that will grace the DVD and posters promoting “Twilight in Forks” when it hits stores (and Amazon) October 15th.

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I really gotta see this documentary! I visited Forks myself only a few months ago…its a beautiful place, full of nice and friendly people. And, its extremely apparent that Steph really did visit and took oodles of notes, it is EXACTLY like she describes it in the book! 🙂

Will you watch this film?

Have you been to Forks or La Push?