by Paige Dickerson on peninsuladailynews.com

Edward would have sparkled Saturday.

Despite its reputation as the rainiest place in the 48 states, Forks was bright and sunny on the first day of Stephenie Meyer Weekend, pleasing those among the 1,200 Twilight fans who wore shirts proclaiming “Rain, rain, go away. I want Edward to sparkle today.”

Forks’ rain, overcast skies and imagined gloom prompted Arizona author Stephenie Meyer to make the town her setting for her four-novel sage of vampires and forbidden teen love.
She thought it the best place to house Edward Cullen and his vampire family in her bestselling books. In her novels, vampires fear the sun, not because it will kill them as other legends have it, but because sunshine makes their skin sparkle like diamonds, revealing that they are not human.

Saturday’s bright weather prompted the isolation-loving vampires to hide, said the tour directors and staff at the Forks Visitor Center.
Visitors checked out hot spots mentioned in Meyer’s books – Forks Community Hospital, Forks High School and a couple of houses said to represent the fictional ones in the Twilight saga.

“Everything is going so well,” said Marcia Bingham, executive director of the Forks Chamber of Commerce.
Last year’s event drew about 1,000 people and on Saturday Bingham estimated about 1,200 people.
Birthday celebration: She expected more to arrive today for Bella’s birthday celebration – set on the date of the fictional heroine’s birthday in the books. The cake will be cut at 1:15 p.m. in Tillicum Park.
The day wrapped up with a bonfire at First Beach in LaPush, with storytelling by Quileute elder Chris Morganroth and an appearance by ‘New Moon’ actress Tinsel Korey.

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Sadly Stephenie Meyer wasn’t there. But it seems the fans had their fun. If you are a fan of ‘Twilight’, did you also celebrate Bellas birthday? Do you want to go to Forks to visit the hot spots from the books?