An estimated two thousand Twilight fans are expected to gather this weekend at the Parsippany Hilton for The Official Twilight Convention, a three-day vampire and werewolf fest that will feature appearances by Twilight film director Catherine Hardwicke and members of the cast including Kellan Lutz (Emmet Cullen) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen).

“It’s a delight to be involved with the tremendous excitement that surrounds The Twilight Saga,” said Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, the company who organized the convention. “The fans are incredibly knowledgeable about the property and have used the story as a springboard for their own creativity.”

At the convention, Twilight aficionados will have the opportunity to preview exclusive film footage, take part in panel discussions and attend Twilight-themed parties, musical performances, costume and trivia competitions, and auctions.

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I’ve been to New Jersey many times. I’d love to attend this event. It seems that Kellan and Ashley attend the most events. Does it seem that way to you?

Peter is pretty good about attending events too. It’s refreshing to see a cast so willing to meet with fans. I dig it! Do you?