By Mandi Bierly over at popwatch

It occurred to me as I watching last Sunday’s True Blood— and found myself saying “Eric, don’t eat the children” out loud, with a smile on my face — that the joy Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) brings me now rivals that received from watching Mayor Richard Wilkins (Harry Groener) in the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For me, a villain is great when I start to wonder how much of the character is on the page, and how much is coming from the actor: Whose idea was it for Eric to be reclining on his elbow as (insert dismissive look) Sam asked for his help in defeating Maenad Maryann? And that wink he gave after he said, “Goodnight, tiny humans” to Arlene’s kids, or that he fixed his hair after flying to seek advice from Queen Sophie-Ann and running into Bill.

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I have to agree, it’s the actor that really makes a villain. If they didn’t do the little things they do, like Eric winking at the kids. The character wouldn’t be the same.

Do you love the “bad” guys? Is it how the script is written? Or the way an actor plays their character?