True Blood bites off another new Nielsen high with 4.5 million viewers for the most recent episode “I Will Rise Up” (season 2 episode 9):

Not to beat it to a bloody pulp, but True Blood set another record Sunday night with 4.5 million viewers checking in on average for the 9pm airing on Sunday night.  That eclipses last week’s 4.4 million.


Wow, they’re like a runaway train with ratings lately. They just keep getting better and better. True Blood season 2 will end with a bang, I’m sure.

I have watched the last two episodes over and over again. I cannot get enough Godric. And Eric, dayum! I think I drooled watching him and Sookie in bed together. Sizzle!

Have you been faithfully watching this season? Are you surprised that viewer-ship keeps rising each week? Why do you think True Blood continues to gain in popularity?