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True Blood’ Christmas posted the HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Christmas gift idea list from the official HBO store where you can find something for that ‘True Blood ‘fan in your life.

The “True Blood ‘ hit series has gained millions of fans , a Golden Globe and an Emmy in a era where vampire books, movies and tv shows rule.

HBO’s shop offers a variety of True Blood products for even the hardest of people to buy gifts for. The ‘True Blood products are have all been inspired from the ever growing popular HBO series in categories of wear ,watch swallow or read.

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New characters on HBO’s True Blood for the new season The new season of the HBO vampire hit, True Blood, doesn’t start until this summer, but already, we are getting hints of what we can expect.

HBO has just announced that two new characters will be joining the show. The new characters will be Sam Merlotte’s little brother, Tommy (played by Prison Break alum Marshall Allman), and Bill’s Civil War wife, played by Shannon Lucio (also from Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy).

In October, news was released that True Blood casting calls have supported a slew of new characters of varying importance on the show. The list includes Jesus Velasquez – an orderly at a nursing home, Talbot – the King of Mississippi’s (Denis O’Hare) long-time trophy husband (who will played by Theo Alexander), an African-American couple named Betty and Marvin, Coot – a werewolf and leader of a biker gang (played by Grant Bowler from Ugly Betty) and Franklin Mott – who is supposed to be just delicious.

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The Vampire Diaries: Candice Accola Talks Matt and Caroline Matt and Caroline aren’t exactly characters I’d like to see hook up with each other on The Vampire Diaries. I like Caroline right off the bat, largely because she’s fun, quirky and she reminds me off another shallow young vamp from another show. On the other hand, Matt, though easy on the eyes, is just plain boring. But after seeing how Matt struggled to get over Elena and seeing what he went through with sister Vicky, not to mention how Damon effortlessly manipulated Caroline, I’m now willing to give these two a chance.

We gradually witnessed the budding friendship between Matt and Caroline after spending a night together in bed, cuddling, and it looks like we’re about to get more Matt and Caroline moments when The Vampire Diaries returns in January now that Matt already defended his friendship with Caroline to Tyler. Does this mean love is finally in the cards for Caroline and the equally damaged Matt?

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Everything you need to know about every sci-fi TV show this week Last week saw several television midseason finales (or winter finales, or we’re-going-into-reruns-and-we-want-to-call-it-something-fancy finales). However, it’s not the end of original programming this year, folks. This week there are a couple of premieres (Better Off Ted, Outer Space Astronauts), original episodes of some favorites (Fringe, Sanctuary, Dollhouse) and lots and lots and lots of ghost shows.

Here’s what we have to look forward to on sci-fi TV this week:

Alice (Syfy), Monday, 9 p.m.: The second half of Nick Willing’s oh-so-adult version of Alice in Wonderland sees Alice (Caterina Scorsone) attempt to find her way out of the looking glass. Unfortunately, that nasty Queen of Hearts (played by the wonderful Kathy Bates) is after the Stone of Wonderland, which controls the portal that would allow Alice to go home.

Better Off Ted (ABC), Tuesday, 9:30 p.m.: Season premiere: Finally, finally, finally! The funniest show on TV, and one that’s got more than a little science and fiction in it, is back for its second season. On “Love Blurts,” Veridian Dynamics plays genetic compatibility matchmaker for its employees. Despite themselves, Linda (Andrea Anders) and Ted (Jay Harrington) are immediately attracted to their matches, and since Linda’s match is played by hot-guy-who-deserves-his-own-show Taye Diggs (Day Break), I’m hoping that match lasts.

As for boss-from-hell Veronica (Portia de Rossi), she’ll be back and dealing with her own boss. “This season, she’s a little bit more developed,” de Rossi told TV Guide. “She really has more of a relationship with the characters in the show. She shares more of her personal life. … She also has a boss this season, so you’re seeing who she has to deal with.”

Dollhouse (Fox), Friday, 8 and 9 p.m.: Alpha returns: We’re double-dipping Dollhouse this week, with a couple of key mythology episodes. First, on “Meet Jane Doe,” Echo (Eliza Dushku) finds herself Dollhouse-free but alone and confused when her multiple personalities battle each other. Meanwhile, Matthew Harding (Keith Carradine) makes his move against Adelle (Olivia Williams), and Topher (Fran Kranz) discovers how dangerous the Dollhouse technology really is. Rumor has it Firefly’s Alan Tudyk, who played psycho doll Alpha last season, will be popping up on this one, likely as a teaser for the next episode. And on “A Love Supreme,” when Echo’s past romantic clients end up dead, Alpha becomes the main suspect in the murders. Meanwhile, the Actives turn against their handlers. Tudyk guest-stars.

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I can’t wait for the seasons to start again! What do you think?