Courtney Ford joins ‘True Blood’

By Christian Tobin at Digital Spy
Courtney Ford has joined the cast of True Blood.

The 32-year-old actress will play recurring character Portia Bellefleur in the fourth season of the HBO vampire drama.

Portia – the sister of incompetent Bon Temps detective Andy (Chris Bauer) – is described as a “Southern beauty” who runs her own law firm, according to Deadline.

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Watch Now: First Clip For ‘Futurama’ Holiday Special Hides From Robot Santa

by The Movie God at Geeks of Doom

Anyone who knows and loves Futurama is aware that one thousand years in the future, Santa Clause [sic] is very real and also happens to be a very evil robot. For fans who don’t know, while we wait for the second half of this gift of a new season to get going (and wish and hope for more new seasons to come), there will be a holiday special for the show set to air on November 21 at 10pm on Comedy Central.

The special, titled The Futurama Holiday Spectacular, will see the Planet Express crew on a mission to save the X-Mas, Robanukah, and Kwanzaa holidays.

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More Character Based Stories Coming In ‘Sanctuary’

by Alan Stanley Blair at Rabid Doll
Abandoned as a child and found by Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), Henry Foss (Ryan Robbins) hasn’t had the easiest of upbringings.

For a start, he has had to deal with abandonment issues and also accept that the world is filled with creatures that go bump in the night. More than that, he has also had to deal with his own abnormalities through lycanthropy (or, more technically speaking, being a class nine hyper-accelerated protean life form).

“Oh, they’re awesome, they’re so great,” Robbins enthusiastically told Rabid Doll about the new episodes still to air on Syfy. “The season is already off to a great start, I think. But now we get to find out a lot more about our characters…”

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Steven Moffat: Why there needed to be a ‘Bad Girl in the TARDIS’

By Nathalie Caron at Blastr
When Doctor Who guru Steven Moffat decided to write in the new 11th Doctor’s (Matt Smith) newest companion, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), he had an ultimate goal in mind—to add some sexual tension in the famous blue police box.

Steven Moffat revealed his reasoning in a recent interview with Vulture. The show runner had decided that it was about time to have a companion who, instead of just mooning and pining over the Doctor, would actually try to do something about it—in short, try to jump his bones:

I just thought it would be, you know, Bad Girl in the TARDIS. They’ve always been so well behaved, those girls! I just thought, I haven’t met any girls like that. Most of the girls I know would just jump the Doctor as soon as they look at him. I said, It’s time we have one of those.

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I love Amy Pond. I think she’s my favorite Doctor’s companion, because she’s feisty. But there have been some dirty jokes on Doctor Who before this regeneration. There have been times after a joke when I would gape and the screen thinking “This is supposed to be a kids show!”. But I love Steven Moffat’s stories, whatever his reasoning. And I’m so excited for the Futurama Christmas special! They haven’t done a Christmas episode since 2001. And that means new Futurama!

What do you think of the new True Blood character? Are you excited to see deeper character development in Sanctuary? What did you think of the Futurama clip?