Alexander Skarsgård: “I would love to work with the Cohen brothers”

by ZZ at True Blood News

Swedish online publication Onyanserat published today an interview with Alexander and our friends at already have the translation. So enjoy!

From a freezing cold Stockholm to a burning hot Los Angeles. “Onyanserat” give you a little chat with Alexander Skarsgård.

What is a typical day in your life like? -I get up, drink my tea, read “DN” on the net, go to work, come home, have dinner and go over next day scenes

What are you doing this spring?-Shooting season 3 of True Blood.

I ran into an American exchange student a few months ago and he told me he had two wishes in his life. One was that he would find his dream woman and the other was that Eric the Viking King would get his own series. Would you consider doing a spin-off if it was offered to you? -I think Eric the Viking King would be a brilliant sitcom. Probably set in a high school environment. Kind of like an updated version of Fresh Prince.

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Evan Rachel Wood, Guy Pearce join HBO’s ‘Mildred Pierce’

By Rick Porter at zap2it

HBO’s miniseries adaptation of “Mildred Pierce” has added several actors, including “True Blood’s” Evan Rachel Wood, Guy Pearce and Oscar nominee Melissa Leo.

Wood, who next stars in the Robert Redford-directed “The Conspirator,” will play Mildred’s daughter Veda — which will require her to play younger, Winslet to play older, or both, as in real life Wood is only 12 years younger than Winslet.

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New V: Full of Information, Darwinian Mother Battles

By Graeme McMillan at i09

When new showrunner Scott Rosenbaum (Chuck, The Shield) took over running V, he had a problem: He didn’t know what the show was about, and he’d seen the first four episodes. Now, he promises that won’t be a problem.

Talking to the LA Times, Rosenbaum said,

I never was quite sure from the first four episodes what [the show] was really about, outside of just “Visitors have come.” What I told [the studio] about how I see it is that, at its spine, it’s really about two mothers and how far that they’re willing to go to protect their children. To me, Anna is the mother of all Vs. … One of the things that I wanted to make clear in my version of the show was that Anna is not evil at all: Anna is simply an animal. She’s a mother and she just wants to protect her children, her species, and she doesn’t have anything against humanity. She’s not evil. … We’re just something that stands in the way of her children’s future. In [that] way, Erica’s the same. … Even though it’s just Tyler, her son, I feel, metaphorically, she’s the mother of all children.

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I’m excited for the return of V. I’m dying to know why they’re here. I keep thinking it’s some sort of breeding thing, since all the women are picking Earth men that they want, but none of the male Vs are.

What do you think of the interview? Will you watch Mildred Pierce?