‘Merlin’ star Colin Morgan talks dragons and guest stars

by Brian Truitt over at Who’s News, USA Weekend

While he’s deep in filming on Merlin in either Wales or France, series star Colin Morgan finds it weird in general that people in other countries are watching the show that has become a hit in Great Britain, especially as he’s filming the third season. “People are asking you about series one even – in some countries, it’s only starting to air. You just have to cast your mind back a bit,” Morgan says with a laugh. “Bizarrely, a lot of it seems to stick in my head, which is a bit worrying. I’ll have to empty that recycling bin at some point!” That said, Morgan is loving the fact that his magical series has gone global. For us, the end of the second season is nigh, with the penultimate episode airing Friday night on Syfy and the season finale next week. And they’re going to be big ones for Morgan’s Merlin, with a twist involving Morgana (Katie McGrath), the coming of the deadly Knights of Medhir, and Merlin’s alliance with a dragon voiced by John Hurt. Read below for Morgan’s thoughts on the last two episodes of this season, plus check out a clip below from this Friday’s hour, “The Fires of Idirsholas,” featuring him and Bradley James (who plays Arthur) vs. those pesky Knights.

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