HBO Releases New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

via Screen Rant

HBO released the latest teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated Game of Thrones miniseries last night. The show won’t premier until 2011, but you can now see sixty seconds of sword-swinging, head-chopping, medieval action.

It’s clear from the trailer that producers aren’t holding anything back: the set design, costumes, and cinematography are all at or near the quality expected of a summer tentpole movie. Casting seems hit or miss: while Sean Bean has cut his teeth on fantasy and period pieces, other cast members will need to dazzle in the first few episodes to win over skeptical fans of the novels.

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“Time can be rewritten. People can’t.” Doctor Who: “A Christmas Carol” trailer

Chris Greenland at Tor

A minute-long trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special popped up this weekend. Have a look:

The episode, titled “A Christmas Carol” is written by showrunner Steven Moffat and is rumored to contain elements from “Continuity Errors,” Moffat’s first published story involving the Doctor. (In this case, the Seventh.) The special is scheduled to air in the U.K. on Christmas Day, with a broadcast to follow later that night on BBC America for those in the United States.

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‘The Vampire Diaries’: Six teasers from executive producer Julie Plec

by Vlada Gelman at The LA Times
The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” returns Thursday with its final two episodes of the year, which will be full of werewolves, love triangles and no doubt a few surprises.

“It’s an episode with a lot of action and also a lot of romance,” executive producer Julie Plec says of this week’s hour. The following week’s episode brings the full moon and lots of change for the residents of Mystic Falls. And since it’s the last new episode before the show takes a brief winter hiatus, we’re betting on a painful cliffhanger.

1. The wolfman cometh: Tyler (Michael Trevino) will finally wolf out during the Dec. 9 episode. If you think the wait for new episodes will be torturous, the transformation period will be even more torturous for Tyler. “We’ll learn a lot about the mythology and the rules of the transformation over the next two episodes before we actually see it,” says Plec. “You’ll learn that while it gets a little bit easier the more you do it, the first time is not easy.” She adds that the show will not shy away from that painful process. “We wanted to show that in its entirety and really make the most of that because it’s a very, very difficult thing that Tyler is going have to go through and we wanted the audience to be able to experience it with him for the first time.”

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Creator Kevin Williamson To Pen Companion Series

by Amy Wilkinson at MTV News
Here’s something “Vampire Diaries” fans can sink their teeth into: The hit CW show may be getting a “companion” series. E! Online and Deadline simultaneously broke the news that Kevin Williamson is writing a new, one-hour drama pilot focusing on paranormal researchers that is being described as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” meets “The X-Files.”

Though a script hasn’t even been penned, Deadline reports that it is unlikely characters from this new project will find their way to Mystic Falls (i.e. don’t get your hopes up for a cross-over episode full of Kevin Williamson win). However, the series may still get a second hand from “The Vampire Diaries”—Kevin’s co-creator/executive producer Julie Plec may also sign on to the series.

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Original freedom fighter Marc Singer returns for V’s second season

By Nathalie Caron at Blastr
A few months ago, V made a major casting coup when it added the original bad lizard girl Jane “Diana” Badler to the cast of the new V reboot. Now they’ve done it again by bringing Marc Singer on board ABC’s struggling sci-fi series.

Singer (now 62), who played cameraman-turned-freedom-fighter Mike Donovan on the original 1980s sci-fi series, was just announced as having joined the cast of the sci-fi show. The former Beastmaster actor is set to play a new character by the name of Lars Tremont.

Here’s what TV Guide’s William Keck says of the character:

“Lars is a member of a super top secret organization comprised of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe, who have long suspected that the Visitors—despite what they tell us—are very much not here in peace.”

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The Doctor Who Christmas special is airing in the US on Christmas day for the first time and I’m SO excited.  And it’s nice to see clips from Game of Thrones rather than stills. I’m still not sure about some casting, but I’m dying to see it anyway. It sounds like the Vampire Diaries “companion” show won’t actually have anything to do with the Vampire Diaries. It sounds like it will be set in the same universe so that they can feed off the popularity of the series and tease about potential crossovers.

What did you think of the previews? What are you looking forward to in Vampire Diaries? Do you think the companion series is a good idea? Are you excited for V to return?