And you thought Fringe couldn’t get any creepier…


Fringe has beamed some pretty ooky science onto your retinas over the past couple of years — but last night’s season premiere was likeliest to make your skin crawl. Turns out that both Walter Bishops like to experiment on Olivia.

Spoilers ahead…

There’s something so horrifying about the idea of someone losing their identity, which is probably why it’s such a popular theme in science fiction. Having your very personhood stripped away from you, and becoming someone (or something) else is automatically really disturbing stuff — and you have to give it to Anna Torv, she played the fragility of Olivia Dunham struggling to hold onto herself really really well.

Olivia, of course, has already been through a lot in the past, and the walls of her selfhood have taken a lot of nasty knocks, courtesy of “our” Walter Bishop and his Cortexiphan trials, among other things. Her earlier visit to the other universe also left her with a bit of long-term psychic nastiness. So this latest attempt to knock down her sense of identity is especially insidious.


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