Tantalizing Hints For Doctor Who Season Six, Supernatural Season Six And Fringe Season Three!

By Charlie Jane Anders at io9
Who’s Doctor Who’s time-traveler going to meet next year? How does Supernatural follow that slam-bang conclusion? What shocking choice could await us on Fringe? Plus John Carter Of Mars, Spider-Man, Splice, Jonah Hex, The Gates, Chuck, V and Lost spoilers.

Joanna Page, star of Gavin And Stacey, is going to play a “long-lost relative” of the Doctor in a couple of episodes of season six — and it could turn into a series regular deal, possibly. This is via the Daily Star, one of Britain’s notoriously reliable tabloids, so grain of salt indicated. And yet, I wonder — could the “long lost relative” be Susan Campbell, nee Foreman?

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5 Lessons TV Should Learn After Losing Heroes

By Scott Thill at Wired
NBC finally canceled Heroes, a move early adopters of the ultimately underwhelming superhero show probably saw coming soon after Season 2.

But all is not lost. Heroes‘ meteoric rise and ignominious fall leave behind much residual data for those looking to build faster, stronger, smarter and more resilient programming. Here are five ways upcoming NBC show The Cape — or any other superhero series knocking around television executives’ heads — can avoid an early demise.

1) Let Heroes Be Heroes

Murky moral dilemmas over newfound powers are 20th-century concerns. The new millennium’s heroes love their powers, and they’re not afraid to use them. Last century, comics like Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and the films they spawned like Tim Burton’s Batman psychoanalyzed their characters deeply. Which means this millennium’s savvy viewers have already been there and done that.

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Nikita is back to kick ass on The CW; CBS kills Ghost

By Kathie Huddleston at Sci Fi Wire
The CW jumped on the spy bandwagon for the fall and has green-lighted Nikita as a series, starring uber-hot martial-arts expert Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard) in a reboot/follow-up to USA’s beloved spy-fi show La Femme Nikita.

McG (Terminator: Salvation) will executive-produce the remake, along with Peter Johnson from Warner Brothers TV and Wonderland Productions.

In other TV news, CBS is officially canceling its Friday-night staple, Ghost Whisperer, in a surprise move. Meanwhile, its companion series, Medium, was renewed, reported The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed. Both shows suffered a serious tumble in the ratings, just like most shows that aired on Fridays this season.

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My mom will be SO disappointed when she hears about Ghost Whisperer. But I’ll check out Nikita, at least the pilot.

What do you think about the critique of Heroes? What do you think is coming up in Doctor Who?