Our friends at have this amazing portrait about Jace Everett:

He is a country music singer influenced by Willie Nelson, and he sings the unforgettable opening song on ‘True Blood’. With just one song he paints a picture of the nature of the hidden south, and the tension that that truly exists down there.
He’s a man that knows what he wants, where he is going, and how he’s going to get there — his way. The ‘True Blood’ creators could not have picked a more appropriate song to open the show with. It is powerful, evocative, pure rock country sung with a true throaty twang that only Jace Everett has managed.

This track has propelled him into the spotlight. Whether he was ready for it or not. His popularity is quickly on the rise, and I’d wager that his new album is going to sell quite well.

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I heard this song the first time and suddenly I was hooked … I adore it! It’s on my iPod, my cell, my iTunes – everywhere! I love the sound and the lyrics – so awesome!
What about you? Do you love this song, too? Do you know more songs of Jace Everett and are you going to buy his new CD?