Alan Ball has taken the ageless question of love flourishing between different ethnicities or cultures to a wider stance as he closes the 2nd season on ‘True Blood’. In 1st season Tara Thonton asks after her first close encounter with a vampire“ Do you think they are capable of loving a person?”

Alan has challenged fans with what may be the central core of the show, an important dilemma in the search for our souls. How much morality and humanity is needed for love to flourish?  Must some seed of morality and humanity be planted or can one will themself to evolve into new dimensions? The American Vampire League advertises, “Vampires were people too.” A handsome and remorseful Bill Compton insists, “I am not human” yet professes his undying love for Sookie.

‘True Blood’s’ three sexiest and intriguing male vampires Bill, Eric and Godric give a mixed views HERE

Do we have enough facts to solve our dilemma? Bill knew love, for Eric true love most probably had always been a foreign concept to him. And we can, however, see that Godric now has a clear understanding of morality, humanity, and love.

Unfortunately, we have no concrete answers. After all, humanity, morality, and love are the most complex of human issues. Maybe that’s why Vamoires prefer the unemotional lifestyle.

What do you think – are vampires susceptible to and capable of human emotions? Can their morality evolve toward the humane? Or, like their physical appearance are they doomed to the limits of their emotions as they were when turned?