by Matt Fowler on ign.com

Which undead Louisiana loverboy would win in an Bon Temps battle?

Let’s face it, on ‘True Blood’, it’s clear who the stronger vampire is. It’s set up in the ground rules of the series itself. Older vampires are stronger. Vampires that feed on humans are more virile and savage. The cards are all pretty much laid out; Eric could kick Bill’s ass. Just because of age alone. But Bill, for lack of a better word, is the hero of the piece, and aren’t heroes supposed to be able to overcome much stronger adversaries?

Bill Compton: Bill is the nice one. The tamed vampire. Bill is also a one woman man. He’s the vampire that believes in true love with a singular soul mate. Bill has claimed Sookie as his own. He’s made it clear that he’d do anything for Sookie, he sexes her up whenever he gets the chance. That’s right, Bill’s a lover AND a fighter. Bill is a gentleman, a scholar and an all around swell dude.

Eric Northman: Eric is the strikingly tall, strikingly blonde vampire sheriff of Louisiana. He’s a club owner and entrepreneur who has been around for hundreds of years. Eric is…the dick. He’s the a**hole that gets away with being a callous douchebag because he’s handsome and stronger than everyone else around him. He’s conveniently taken an interest in Sookie – the one woman that “fascinates” him. Because he can’t have her.

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For me it’s no question – I’m Team Eric all the way! In the books and cable series – since his first appearance.  What about you? In this showdown, will it be Bill or Eric that comes out on top? And on top of Sookie?