‘True Blood’ Spoilers

Commentary by OBS staff member Heidi

Ugh. Fairies: Yep, fairies are back in town. As if we could be rid of them for long. The fun-loving yet ultimately dangerous supernatural pixies are up to their old tricks again and this time they are roping Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Andy (Chris Bauer) into the deal. Oh wait, Andy has already had a little tryst with a fairy. So it’s basically the same as last time. New location, same M.O. Hopefully they don’t steal Sookie (Anna Paquin) for a year again.

Death By Suntan?: You’ll find out pretty early in the next episode if Tara is successful in her vampire suicide attempt. Oh Tara, always so dramatic. You either want to be a vampire or you don’t. After her latest sizzling solution, will she accept her bloodthirsty fate or die trying?

Favorite Family: Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) are finally reunited. But their reunion isn’t the happy Christmas card we pictured. In fact, their interaction in the next episode has us crying (blood) tears. (E! Online) Picture Credit: wetpaint

Ugh fairies…really?  I think I just heard True Blood fans across the globe collectively groan.  I expected as much when Jessica got a whiff of that guy in the dress shop last week.  I guess it was just too good to be true to actually be done with them!

As for Tara.  I think if she wants to die, they should let her.  She hates vampires and therefore hates herself…are you really going to chase her around forever stopping her attempts??  Of course I think she will survive the tanning bed incident and will eventually quit the attempts on her own life….but who knows what she’ll have in store for Sookie and Lafayette.

I’m glad that Pam and Eric will be reunited and finally have a chance to make things right!