True Blood
Season 4
Episode 9 : Run

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Alcide runs away from the fight between the witches and vampires while carrying an injured Sookie.  Bill catches up and takes her from Alcide’s arms and runs ahead placing her on the couch in her house.  He tries to get her to drink his blood, but she isn’t responding.  Alcide asks if there is anything else they can do for her and Bill tells him to pray.  Alcide asks him if a werewolf and vampire are praying who will listen.  Bill responds that he doesn’t know.

Antonia brings Eric back to the coven with her.  The vampires are hosting a Festival of Tolerance and she wants to take him there to show everyone what vampires are capable of.  Tara and Holly want to know part of this, but she refuses to let anybody leave.

Sookie wakes up and instantly asks about Eric.  Sookie  Bill tells her that he has a search party out looking for him and that he will join them once he knows she’s OK.  Alcide refuses to help and both men leave.

Luna tells Sam to leave that this isn’t his problem and Sam asks what if he wants it to be.  She insists that he doesn’t want Markus as his problem.  Sam refuses to leave and she tells him that it will be worse if Markus returns and finds him still there.  Sam realizes that Markus is the reason it took so long for Emma to get to sleep.  He suggests they go get closer to nature.

Debbie is up watching TV and crying, but acts like she’s asleep when Alcide gets home.  He gets naked and joins her in bed.  He kisses her shoulder causing her wolf eyes to glow.

Jessica cries to Nan about her relationship  problems with Hoyt and Jason.  Nan tells her she makes her glad she was never a maker.  Bill shows up and Nan asks what he has messed up now.  They all are chained in silver when they go to ground and Nan and Bill are still talking.  Nan tells Bill that he makes her long for Sophie Ann.  Bill wants to cancel the festival, but Nan refuses telling him that he can bolster security, but the festival will go on and he best find himself in front of the camera.

Hoyt starts packing Jessica’s things when Lafayette walks in carrying Mikey.  Lafayette yells at Hoyt to get out of his house and pulls a gun on him.

Jason responds to the call from Arlene and Terry.  While he’s there Hoyt calls Jason to inform him what just happened with Lafayette.  Andy takes a hit of V.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode was better than last week’s, but isn’t the best by far.  I’m personally getting tired of the spirits invading people’s bodies, the witches in general, and Tommy shifting into various people.  The Lafayette/Mavis storyline was a major drag for me.  And I really hate how far away from the book this season has gone.  I hate seeing Eric under Antonia’s control and it’s just getting stupid.  And I soooo told you so about Jason and Jessica hooking up!!  At least we got to see some naked Alcide this week!