True Blood
Season 4, episode 10: Burning Down the House

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Eric attacks Bill and Bill pulls a gun and starts firing, hitting several vampires.  Sookie zaps Eric with her fairy light and the spells on him are broken and he gets all his memories back.  Bill doesn’t know and goes to attack Eric, but Sookie stops him.  Eric tells Bill to get off of him.  Marnie has no idea what happened, Antonia is now outside of her and when she looks down at the injured people, there are spirits beside them.  Marnie says a chat and her, and her followers disappear along with the spirits.

Jessica and Jason are getting dressed after having sex and Jessica tells Jason that they didn’t do anything wrong.  He tells Jessica that Hoyt is like his brother and that the two of them together would kill him.  He wants Jessica to glamour him to forget what they shared, but she refuses since she can’t wash her guilt away.  She says she’s going to find someone to eat and leaves.

Alcide is driving Tommy to the hospital, but Tommy asks him to take him home to Merlotte’s instead.

The witches being held at the Moon Goddess are all checking their cell phones for signals.  Holly is looking through Marnie’s books to find a spell to undo the one keeping them trapped inside.  Marnie/Antonia and the others that went to the festival return, with a couple of the be-spelled vamps in tow.  One of the witches asks her why she is holding them prisoner.  Antonia tells them that they are ungrateful and that she’s protecting them and it’s costing her a piece of her soul.  She tells them that they will stay together.

Nan wants to know the secrets that Bill has been keeping from her and she wants to know about Sookie and her gift.  Bill tells her that she isn’t in charge, which she argues.  He tells her that he can bring her down for her not letting him take care of Antonia when he had the chance.  Bill tells her that they are going after the necromancer.

Eric insists to Sookie that he hasn’t changed and that the other Eric is still inside him.  She tells him that when he was trying to kill Bill that she couldn’t imagine a world without Bill in it.  She tells him that she loves them both and that she thinks it’s because she’s had both of their bloods.  Eric gets upset saying that she gave herself completely to him and that she is his.  She says that he gave himself completely to her and he agrees saying that he loves her.  Pam arrives and wants to know why Eric didn’t summon her as soon as the spell was broken.  See the full recap here.

Overall Thoughts:

This is another episode that was kind of meh for me.  There was plenty going on, but it just fell flat.  I’m still just so sick of the witches and spirits that it’s not even funny.  I was glad to see Eric back to himself and loved the line about Tara backing the wrong horse because that’s soooo him!  I didn’t expect Marnie being the evil one in the Marnie/Antonia storyline.  And I’m not too upset that Tommy died, but can’t help, but wonder if he’s going to stay dead.